Netcore Deliverability Summit 21 – Email innovations, trends, and stories from around the world
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Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar

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Netcore Deliverability Summit 21 – Email innovations, trends, and stories from around the world

Published : September 13, 2021


We recently concluded the Netcore Deliverability Summit, the most awaited email festival of 2021!

It was a three-edition summit with events across North America, Europe, and Asia, with  Netcore Cloud as the sponsor. 

The summit was crackling with energy throughout; it was a real pleasure to meet and hear leading marketing gurus and email geeks.

It was a great forum for marketing professionals to learn about the latest trends in email marketing, gain insights into global perspectives, and engage in open dialogue.

This blog summarizes the event sessions of the Netcore Deliverability Summit.

Netcore Deliverability Summit – North American edition

The summit kicked off with the North American edition on 2nd June. It included keynotes and panel discussions by American and Canadian email experts.

1. How can strong email authentication elevate your user experience?

The first edition started with a bang!

In his keynote, Mathew Vernhout (Vice President of Deliverability at Netcore Cloud, North America) addressed the rising phishing attacks and scams via emails.

Lately, the FBI’s internet crime complaint center (ic3) has seen a 260% growth in complaints of fraud and malicious activity targeting consumers and brands.

Email authentication and its impact on brand communication have become critical focus areas for marketers. 

Matthew also shared real-life case studies of how brands have implemented authentication standards such as DMARC and their impact.

2. How to re-engage subscribers without hurting your inboxing?

Further in the North American edition, Jennifer Cannon (Client Success Manager at ShotFlow) and Tejas Pitkar (Senior Product Evangelist at Netcore Cloud) had a fireside chat about re-engagement campaigns.

They spoke in-depth about different ways to win back subscribers without hurting inbox placement and cited real-life examples of re-engagement practices. 

The duo talked about how marketers utilize re-engagement campaigns to nurture dormant subscribers who were once warm. It was an insightful session on dos and don’ts while running win-back email campaigns.

3. CMO Panel: Everything reputation

The showstopper of the North American edition was the CMO panel. 

Marketing veterans provided practical tips on maintaining a brand’s reputation through emails. We gained great advice from the CMO panelists on why safeguarding the domain and IP reputation is not everything: maintaining a brand’s image through email communication also matters a lot.  

Chaitra Vedullapalli (Co-founder and President of Women in Cloud & Co-founder and CMO of Meylah), Raghav Hunasgi (CMO at Evolutyz Corp), Jordan Cohen (CEO & Founder of Fox Hill Group), and Tanishq Juneja (Global Product Marketing Head at Netcore and Co-founder of Pepipost) were the speakers.

4. How have spam emails changed in 2021?

Mathew Verhout, with speakers Marcel Becker (Senior Director of Product Marketing at Verizon Media) and Alex Brotman (Sr. Engineer, Anti-Abuse & Messaging Policy at Comcast), hosted the fourth and last session of the North American edition.

The guests had a lively discussion about the impact of email spam during the pandemic, authentication, and privacy.

They went on to discuss how the compliance landscape is changing and how brands are preparing to deal with it. It was rated by the audience as highly impactful.

Quotes that stood out:

  • “Unsubscribers can be a good/positive action for your re-engagement campaigns unless it’s not going beyond a certain percentage” – Jennifer Cannon
 Jennifer Cannon
  • “Part of the conversation in our emails is inclusion; if we are including all types of people, we have empathy for the people” – Chaitra Vedullapalli
Chaitra Vedullapalli

Netcore Deliverability Summit – European Edition

The European edition followed the North American summit and took place on 9th June. It featured keynotes and panels from email specialists who shared their distinct perspectives on the state of email marketing in Europe.

1. Deliverability: A spotlight on Europe

Sergey Syerkin (Deliverability Evangelist at Netcore) delivered the keynote for the first session.

He kicked off the session with a brief presentation on the situation of email deliverability in Europe. He further explained how the European companies are working to improve their inbox placement. 

2. Best Practices and Email challenges in EU

Further in the European edition, we had a fireside chat between Sergey Syerkin and Sebastian Kluth (Technical Lead at Certified Senders Alliance).

They held an in-depth discussion about the best practices and email challenges that brands face in the EU region.

The speakers provided tangible solutions to hundreds of brands dealing with complex deliverability issues.

3. Confession of a CMO; the magic I do with emails

Krish Ramachandran (Chief Revenue Officer at Netcore Cloud) hosted the CMO panel. The speakers were Skip Fidura (Fractional CMO at Overmore Group) and Jacques Prothon(CEO at ODICCI).

This panel spoke about the email challenges faced in the last year and the approaches they took in solving them. 

The discussion provided insights into new email trends like AI, real-life campaigns that worked like magic, and the panel’s learnings and experiences.

4. Segmenting smartly to level up your deliverability

Neharika Sharma (Senior Manager, CSM at Netcore Cloud) hosted an all-women fireside chat about how better segmentation can help with deliverability; Kath Pay (Founder of Holistic Email Marketing) and Alice Cornell (Deliverability Director at were the participants.

Intelligent segmentation of the email list is still one of the important processes that are needed for better inbox deliverability, yet it is mostly under-utilized.

The experts discussed the importance of list segmentation practices for organizations and independent marketers and brought their real-life experiences to the table.

5. How to get your brand ready for sending emails at scale in 2021?

The last session of the European edition was hosted by Dibya Sahoo (Assistant Vice President, Product Management at Netcore Cloud). 

He shared the email best practices that can help tackle 50% of email deliverability issues. 

The event covered everything from providing awareness of phishing attacks to sharing DMARC policies to improve email authentication.

Here are 7 ways to make your email program better in 2021 without using any code.

You can watch the European edition here

Quotes that stood out:

  • “More insights, transparency and better reporting will help decrease spam” – Sebastian Kluth
  • “2020 was a year of acquisition and 2021 will be a year of retention” – Skip Fidura
  • “A good program is going to get good deliverability and good deliverability is going to enable you to have a good program so they really feed off each other” – Kath Pay
Kath Pay

Netcore Deliverability Summit – Asian edition

After the two successful editions, we ended with a bang on 15th June.

The longest of all editions, the Asia edition had the biggest turnout.

1. How to avoiding bad decisions that hurt your deliverability?

Tejas Pitkar (Senior Product Evangelist at Netcore Cloud) delivered the keynote as the event’s first session.

The session covered a range of topics that included managing spam complaint rates, running successful email campaigns, the importance of email list quality over quantity, and much more!

He also explained how mailbox providers had tightened their delivery rules over the past year.

The keynote provided a deep dive into the current state of mailbox providers’ spam filtering rules and how to cope with them to achieve the best inbox placement.

2. Fireside chat: AMPlify your email experience

Moving on, we had a session with Santosh Valecha (Global Head of Customer Success at Netcore Cloud) and Chaitanya Chinta (Global Head of email business at Netcore Cloud).

They spoke extensively about how AMP for email can help marketers create personalized, dynamic, and creative emails with higher response rates.

They also discussed in detail how AMP could help marketers optimize their email experiences.

For a marketer, AMP emails offer modern app functionalities like reviews, carousels, appointment booking, and cart discovery; they also allow customers to interact with businesses directly from their mailbox.

Implementing AMP for emails could mean bringing in a game-changer for the business.

3. How to get your brand ready for sending emails at scale in 2021?

The next session was delivered by Dibya Sahoo (Assistant Vice President, Product Management at Netcore Cloud). By popular demand, he repeated his presentation from the Europe edition of the summit.

He detailed the current phishing attacks and challenges that marketers experience.

The presentation showcased the best ways to implement DMARC for better authentication and the email best practices to follow.

4. CMO Panel: Driving great customer experience through emails

In this session, we had the first CMO panel of the Asia edition with speakers (Ravi Shankar, Chief Growth & Digital Officer at AirAsia), Anurag Mukherjee (Head of Technology at PT Matahari), Avantika Jain (Regional GM, Demand at Fave), and our host, Saket Kumar Jha ( Chief Revenue Officer at Netcore Cloud).

The speakers’ expertise spanned across diverse industries and their main topic of discussion was the email campaigns in Asian countries.

The experts shared how email marketing helped them create stronger relationships with their customers during the pandemic, and included tips on how brands can improve their customer experience.

5. CMO Panel: Ideas that make email, a must-have channel for mobile apps

The final session of the Asian edition finished on a high note.

A CMO panel with speakers Amit Ahuja (Senior Vice President at Netcore Cloud), Ashish Bajaj, (Head of Marketing at MediBuddy), Mohit Panjwani (Director of Revenue Growth at Myntra), and Ramakant Khandelwal (Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Payback India). 

They discussed how emails have become an important aspect of mobile apps. By utilizing emails differently, their brands increased the MAUs (Monthly Active Users), customer engagement, and retention.

It’s time for app-based companies to start leveraging the power of emails. This session is for the app-based founders and marketers hoping to generate revenue and conversions from email as their primary channel.

Quotes that stood out:

  • “Brand loyalty is of the past, you can’t expect digital customers to be brand loyal if you are not being relevant” – Anurag Mukherjee
Anurag Mukherjee
  • “One of the ways of using email is to build brand salience over time and continue to have AB testing so that you can know what is working and not working” – Mohit Panjwani
Mohit Panjwani

Key takeaways from the Netcore Deliverability Summit

  • DMARC implementation continues to help companies fight phishing/spoofing and other cyber-attacks
  • Authentication is a must-have to land emails in the inbox and inspires consumer confidence
  • Re-engagement campaigns work well when they follow the best practices
  • There has been a mindset change from conversion to conversation for brand marketers.
  • Managing data privacy and creating a better experience for customers is key to email success
  • Marketers had to smartly pivot their email strategies during the pandemic
  • Email plays a major role for brands to connect with customers during and after the pandemic 
  • AMP for emails is a gamechanger for marketing emails
  • Mobile apps can leverage email for revenue and retention benefits

Netcore Deliverability Summit, the festival of email, gave us a wonderful opportunity to interact with global email experts. It was rewarding to hear their diverse experiences and expertise. 

We are extremely delighted with the outcome of the summit and would like to thank all the speakers and hosts who took the time to share Their insights. We hope to see you soon at our next email conference!


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Written By: Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar is a Senior Product Evangelist at Netcore Cloud. He likes analyzing data and diving deep to find valuable insights for marketers. He is credited for writing Industry benchmark reports and marketing leaders’ reports. He also likes to give back to the email industry with his volunteer work at the Only Influencers Diversity Committee. An #emailgeek at heart, he likes writing blogs, sharing email knowledge, and making thought-provoking videos on all things email. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading books, and drinking his favorite Chai, in his free time.