12 Unique AMP Emails in eCommerce that will liven up your Marketing Campaigns
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Tanishq Juneja
Tanishq Juneja

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12 Unique AMP Emails in eCommerce that will liven up your Marketing Campaigns

Two evolutions that were similar yet different

Kodak presented the world’s first commercial photography camera in 1888, and a year later, the images started moving on the screen with Edison’s Kinetograph, the movie camera. 

And it would be quite a while till the sound got added:  the first “talkie” film was released in 1927. So, it took almost 40 long years for the static images to move, talk, sing, and enthrall the audience. Despite being born in the era of technology, email took surprisingly longer to move and interact. 

Ray Tomlinson used ARPANET to develop the first electronic mail in 1971; the only text that the first email had was “QWERTYUIOP.” In 2019, Yahoo and Google supported AMP for email and totally transformed the in-mail interaction. 

You could RSVP to an invite, fill out a dynamic poll/survey, scroll through a shop’s updated-live inventory, comment or respond to one, watch countdowns in real-time, play your favorite games, and do much more — all without leaving the email. 

About 50 years later, email had finally evolved from being a static message to an interactive surface that could engage dynamically.

AMP is what AMP does

AMP for email (Accelerated Mobile Pages for email) is a technology that provides marketers with several website-like capabilities to create attractive and engaging experiences within the mail. With the ability to deliver dynamic content, AMP emails make messages enjoyable to read and easy to react with.

AMP helps emails to stand out

In terms of competition, eCommerce is indeed a tough business; its marketing is tougher. As a marketer, you need to adopt newer communication strategies that have the maximum impact. And thanks to AMP, you have a channel that has now become more powerful than ever! 

AMP email is a great advantage for eCommerce marketers: they can leverage its speed and content displaying capability in their marketing emails. If a customer can browse through, compare, choose, and buy a product within the email, it is more probable that they would do it – as compared to going out of the email, logging in with credentials on a website, and doing the interaction. 

AMP emails are all about ease and speed of response; the benefits of making customer interaction easier and faster through an AMP email are unparalleled.

AMP makes it easier and faster for the customer to respond

Sending AMP emails does not require a separate/different delivery solution. However, you still need to check with your current email service provider (ESP) if you can create and send AMP emails: your ESP should support the technology.

We now bring you 12 ways in which you can leverage the power of AMP in eCommerce marketing emails. 

1. Dynamically showcase your products and help customers easily buy 

In the email example below, the customer can look at multiple views of the product, internal and external features, color variants, and more in a series of images that keep revolving, using a feature called the carousel. Within the carousel, the SKUs can also be dynamically updated to show only those that are available in stock.

2. Display all the content you want in a clean and uncluttered manner

In a regular email, putting in a lot of content would take up considerable on-screen space and might result in a long scroll. The example below shows how AMP emails can show information in a multiple drop-down elements called the “accordion.” It saves space and allows the customer to expand on the information they choose to know more about.

3. Drive customers’ interactive engagement within the email 

AMP emails are capable of engaging the customers in a variety of ways. Human engagement becomes stronger when being able to interact with the community. Someone that has received an AMP email can post comments, reply to comments, share opinions, discuss views, and give feedback within the mail. 

4. Enable customers to search for products and buy without leaving the inbox

The introduction of AMP has given emails the capability to function almost like a mini-website. Customers can search, compare, choose, and buy within the mail. AMP emails can also enable navigating through different product options based on price, user reviews, purchases, etc. 

5. Present events, promos, polls, etc., that are dynamically updated in real-time

Gone are the days when the information in emails remained static – once you sent off a mail, you could change nothing in its content. With AMP emails, you can change the content multiple times, and that too in real-time. For eCommerce, it means a great opportunity to share and showcase promotional event updates, poll participation numbers, live statistics on purchases, moving trends in products – the possibilities of displaying real-time content are endless.

6. Allow customers to explore, shortlist, decide, and save products to buy

AMP emails can work as well as your web pages when it comes to displaying products and helping customers make the buying decision – without the customer needing to exit the email interface. You can even use AMP features in your order confirmation emails to help customers select and store shortlisted products as a collection; they will find it easier to revisit them later to compare and buy. 

7. Tackle cart abandonment – make it easier for the customer to revisit, view, and buy 

When a customer is able to see product images, read descriptions, view specifications, and browse reviews for the products in their abandoned cart, they tend to take quick action. Moving products from the abandoned cart to order placement becomes quicker and easier when it happens within the email. 

8. Use In-mail gamification: let customers enjoy winning to get discount codes

Nothing attracts people more than being able to play a simple game and getting rewarded for it. For eCommerce, gamification means making gifts, discounts, and price markdowns so much more exciting when the customer wins them from within the AMP email.  

9. Showcase your product variants and design options with an awesome visual appeal

Before the AMP emails made their appearance, showing different design or color options meant having as many different static images. It also led to a lot of scrolling that made the visual comparison tedious within the email. AMP emails offer a fantastic visual expression when it comes to displaying multiple choices and designs.

10. Communicate your % off discounts in clever and creative ways that stand out

As we mentioned earlier, eCommerce marketing is among the toughest in terms of competition. When almost everyone is offering discounts and percentage-offs, AMP emails can make your offers stand out, catch the eye, and create an instant connection. All it takes is a combination of clever copy and creative visuals in your email.

11. Send customer surveys that capture ratings, comments, suggestions within the email

Asking people to play a game and win something is easy. Getting customers to put down their feedback, response, or opinion has always been a challenge. However, when you use AMP emails, the process can become simpler, easier, and faster. Making a couple of clicks and keying in a few words would not be too much of an ask for your customers, especially when it happens within their email.

12. Create compelling announcers and teasers for your upcoming events and promotions

Be it sales, discounts, deals, or special event promotions, AMP emails can liven up the entire experience for your customers. With their colors and movements, AMP communications are sure to hold the attention of the recipients and make them want to engage and click through.


AMP for emails can deliver interactive content, display dynamic data, offer space-saving layouts for large content, ease the processes of form/survey/poll participation, enable a gaming experience, show hyper-personalized content, allow transactional emails to upsell/cross-sell, ask for or display product reviews, run referral campaigns with recipient-incentivized invites, and much more.

AMP is relatively a new technology in email communications and not all eCommerce marketers have adopted it yet; in other words, there is no time like the present for you. Leverage AMP to revitalize your email campaigns and get ahead of the pack. Your rewards would include: standing out in a saturated channel, riding the new big wave, and building strong customer connects – all achieved without making the customers leave their email.

Here is a complete guide on AMP email for marketers: it gives detailed information on the reasons, benefits, and implementation of AMP for email. Reach out to our AMP for emails experts’ team at Netcore that can help you assess, plan, strategize, create, and deliver outstanding AMP experiences to your target audience.

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