The smart marketer's guide to email strategies for EdTech During and Post Lockdown Era

Why do you need this ebook?

Education has always been an integral part of our world. It’s an element that has brought humanity to where we are right now. Without the ability to transfer knowledge from one person to another, what we see around us, would not be possible. But in this era, where the world is under lockdown, businesses have slowed, and education has come to a halt, EdTech companies have come forward to ensure education continues. This guide outlines techniques that you, as an EdTech brand, can implement immediately in your campaigns and create an impact in the minds of your subscribers.

Here, in this guide you will learn:

  • Essential email strategies for EdTech industry during the covid-19 crisis
  • Tips to communicate with your brands during these tough times
  • Practices to avoid sending your corona crisis email update
  • Impact on the EdTech industry post-lockdown era
  • Principles for communicating in the post-lockdown era
  • Campaign strategies and examples for EdTech to pick up on the revenue
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