Leverage Transactional Emails to Accelerate Sales
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Leverage Transactional Emails to Accelerate Sales

Published : August 1, 2017

With digital taking over the entire world and transforming all businesses and human interactions, conventional emails are not good enough anymore. Not if your goal is to generate leads and boost sales. Highly customized, deeply personalized, more relevant and much more engaging, transactional emails are triggered by the users themselves. So, naturally, there’s a higher level of customer interest and brand engagement that follow a purchase or any other kind of interaction, and transactional emails can take advantage of this simple fact and drive brand engagement.

So how do you leverage your Transactional Email Campaigns to boost your sales?

Cross Promotions

Smarter enterprises have begun using transactional emails to perform cross-promotional marketing by targeting current and relevant potential customers. Crate & Barrel, for instance, sends personalised  and branded HTML order confirmation that also includes eye-catching information about seasonally relevant items.

Similarly, Bass Pro Shops makes its order confirmation emails conversion-friendly by recommending dynamically populated items that are highly relevant to the customer, based on his order and search history.

Steve Madden goes one step further by not only recommending relevant dynamically populated items, but also includes its Social Media links so that the customer keeps getting updated about the latest items and events.


Be creative with the triggers – make them personalised and emotional. Like OLX.in does by sending personalised messages on relationship anniversary.

Animate your mails – you can convey more information with less text, simply by embedding animations in your emails. Like LensKart.com.

Deep Linking

Do deep linking to enable customers to complete new transactions without additional clicks. For instance, the transactional emails sent by HDFC bank enable customers to discuss investment options with a relationship manager simply by clicking on the “get a call now” button.

Recommendation engine

Boost your cross-selling by recommending relevant products to customers, based on their likes and dislikes. As most online marketplaces do these days.

Quick Tips to Optimise your Transactional Emails

Transactional emails come with a huge power to accelerate cross-selling and lead generation. But with great power comes great responsibility! So, keep in mind some quick tips to maximise the impact of your triggered emails so that they connect better with your customers.

  • Remember to thank the customer.
  • Use HTML to optimise the look and feel – include both the static and dynamic content
  • Enhance customer experience by embedding relevant links in the transactional emails
  • Comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT – do not include an offer as the subject line

Transactional emails can indeed be a powerful tool to boost your cross selling and lead generation. But you have to take out the time and do adequate research to ensure they are more appealing and relevant for each of your customers. No matter what your business is, Netcore Falconide can help you increase your topline. Offer more value to your customers and tap into a new stream of revenue, through Netcore Falconide! Talk to us today!

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