How will AMP interactive email affect the future of email marketing?
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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How will AMP interactive email affect the future of email marketing?

Published : April 28, 2023

AMP for email is a technology that allows for more interactive and dynamic email experiences by enabling the use of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) components within emails. This technology has the potential to significantly impact the future of email marketing by providing marketers with new ways to engage with their audience.

Some outcomes of how AMP for email can affect email marketing are:

Increased engagement

According to several reports and benchmark studies, emails with interactive AMP components have seen an average increase of 20% in click-through rates. This means that AMP for email can help marketers to capture the attention of their audience and encourage them to take action.

Enhanced personalization

AMP for email can also allow for more personalized and targeted content. For example, a retailer could use AMP to display products based on a user’s browsing history or location.

Improved customer experience

With AMP for email, marketers can provide a more seamless and intuitive experience for their audience. For example, a restaurant could use AMP to allow customers to make reservations or place orders directly within the email.

Reduced friction

AMP for email can also help to reduce the friction that often exists between email and other channels. For example, a travel company could use AMP to allow customers to book flights or hotels directly from within the email, without having to navigate to a separate website.

Innovative applications

Some companies have already begun to use AMP for email in innovative ways. For example, Pinterest allows users to save pins directly from an email, while allows users to change their booking directly within an email.

Better analytics

AMP for email allows for more detailed analytics and tracking. Marketers can see how users are interacting with the email, what components are being clicked, and how long they are spending on each section. This allows for more informed decision-making and optimization.

Improved accessibility

AMP for email can also improve accessibility for users with disabilities. For example, AMP allows for the use of text-to-speech technology, which can make emails more accessible for visually impaired users.

Impact on conversion rates

AMP for email can have a positive impact on conversion rates as it provides users with a more seamless and interactive experience. For example, a retailer could use AMP for email to display a carousel of products that users can browse and add to their cart directly within the email, leading to higher conversion rates.

Improved deliverability

With AMP for email, marketers can create more engaging and interactive emails that are less likely to be marked as spam or sent to the promotions folder. This can improve email deliverability and ensure that emails are reaching the intended audience.

Heightened branding

AMP for email can also help to enhance brand identity and recognition. Marketers can use AMP to create branded interactive components that are unique and memorable, helping to establish a stronger connection with their audience.

Potential for newer things

As AMP for email is a relatively new technology, there is still plenty of room for innovation and experimentation. Marketers can use this technology to create entirely new types of interactive email experiences, which could have a significant impact on email marketing as a whole.

Integration with other channels

Finally, AMP for email can also help to bridge the gap between email and other channels. Marketers can use AMP to create interactive components that link to other channels, such as social media or mobile apps, providing users with a more holistic and connected experience.

Challenges to consider

While AMP for email offers many benefits, there are also some challenges. One challenge is that not all email clients support AMP, so marketers may need to create fallback experiences for users who are not able to view the interactive content. Additionally, creating AMP for email requires technical expertise, so it may not be accessible for all marketers.

Adoption trends and future

Despite these challenges, AMP for email is gaining traction. According to several studies, about 17% of marketers are using AMP for email, and 43% are planning to adopt it in the future. As more marketers begin to experiment with AMP for email, we can expect to see more creative uses of this technology in the future.


Overall, AMP for email has the potential to revolutionize email marketing by providing more interactive, personalized, and engaging experiences for users. While there are challenges to the adoption, the benefits are clear and proven. As this technology becomes more widely adopted, we can expect to see even more creative uses of AMP for email very soon.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
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