Introducing AI-powered Campaign Title Performance Predictor
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Introducing AI-powered Campaign Title Performance Predictor

Published : July 16, 2019

Running a successful marketing campaign takes a significant amount of planning, skill, execution and a fair bit of luck. Let’s look at the finer parts of planning a marketing campaign, like picking a title for your campaign. As a performance marketer you already know how hard it is to write a catchy email subject line, push notification title that can drive your campaigns to success.

Writing a campaign title is pure play copy writing and it is hard! Ask any marketer, what matters most when they plan a marketing campaign? They’d answer campaign title! Titles in any form of campaigns are the first thing to be noticed and that decides for a user whether to open your message or push it to the bin. While some might feel campaign titles need less effort but if they are not worked on and are off target they can majorly impact your campaign results.

You might ask how do we know which title is the best? Some might place their bets on their gut instinct and some marketers like you wish if there was a tool that could help you analyse and give feedback on your campaign titles to improve them. So, we at Netcore Smartech heard you and listened to our customers to come up with a tool that’ll help you derive incredible results from your marketing campaigns.

Introducing Campaign Title Performance Predictor powered by Raman our AI Engine – It is a free and an easy to use tool that helps you test your marketing campaign’s title performance.

How does it work?

Using our campaign title performance predictor is easy!

First enter your working campaign title,

And click on “Get Insights” to get your campaign title score and analysis.

Our AI engine – RAMAN has analysed over millions of campaign titles ranging on email, push notification, blogs etc. Based on the data it gives a percentile score which is scored against 100.

This score tells you if your campaign title is ok, good, great, solid and exceptional. For titles less than 50% need more improvement and for those over 50% needs lesser improvement and with few tweaks you can make your title exceptional.

It also gives you a detailed analysis on Sentiment and Emotion.

Sentiment Analysis – Users tend to respond to positive and negative tones. Here the campaign title performance predictor determines the emotional tone of your title’s sentiment to negative or positive or neutral.

Emotion Analysis – Users tend to respond more to titles with words that have positive, surprising, anticipating, joy emotions. Here the campaign title performance predictor gives an analysis of emotions of the words that you’ve used in title. For example, the campaign title used has a word with positive emotion.

You also get a spam/inbox prediction to your campaign title. If you use this title for an email campaign, then our tool predicts its deliverability in either inbox or spam.

Based on the title you enter our AI engine suggests you with a series of words that you could use to improve your title to get higher open rates and click-through rates.

While you get the analysis for your campaign title, our AI engine, RAMAN gives you some recommendations that you could use to improve your campaign. These recommendations majorly focus on the elements of a title like – Emoji, Brand Name, Single Quote and Colon.

Why Use Campaign Title Performance Predictor?

  1. Beats the competition – A good campaign title will definitely perform better as opposed to usual titles. It breaks through the noise and ensures your push notifications and emails are delivered to the users.
  2. Drives Higher conversions – Using campaign title performance predictor your titles are more likely to be opened, increasing the click-through rates and driving high conversions.
  3. Gives You Higher ROI – Email and mobile marketing are cheap. So for every dollar you spend you’ll get incredibly higher returns. This means that writing a killer campaign title will boost your marketing campaigns resulting in higher ROI.

Using this analysis, suggestions and recommendations you can now create a winning campaign title that’ll amplify your conversions and CTRs

Start Writing Winning Campaign Titles

It is often easy to overlook the importance of writing a killer campaign title while planning a marketing campaign.

They’re short in length, so it is assumed they are easy, right? Well, not exactly. When compared to writing, it is tougher to write short, engaging and punchy titles than long pieces of content. When you have character limit and only 50 characters to work with, every word counts. We can’t tell you what messaging will work the best for your marketing campaign but we can recommend and help improve your campaign titles.

However, you’re now equipped with our Campaign Title Performance Predictor to start experimenting your campaign titles. By following the suggestions and recommendations of our tool, you’ll be able to significantly increase your marketing campaign’s success.

Remember always to try different things. Plan. Execute. Analyse. See what works. Stop what doesn’t. And Repeat.

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