5 Best Examples of iOS Push Notifications to Re-engage Users
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5 Best Examples of iOS Push Notifications to Re-engage Users

Published : July 31, 2023

Successful iOS push notifications typically clock in click-through rates up to 2x higher than emails.

You heard it right! With the right strategy, push notifications can literally double the number of eyeballs on your content compared to an email blast to your audience.

This feature acts as a powerful tool in the customer engagement platform arsenal, significantly enhancing interactions with your audience.

And the beauty of it?

You can leverage iOS push notifications both on the web and through mobile apps.

We’ve curated a list of the cream of the crop in push notification services in this guide, aiming to help you pinpoint the perfect fit for your business.

The Importance of iOS Push Notifications

The worldwide mobile app market reached a hefty $108,440 million in 2016 and is projected to soar at a CAGR of 19.2% to achieve $311,249 million by 2023. Almost 1,434 mobile apps make their debut in the market every single day.

Let’s be honest here, push notifications have become the go-to form of communication for reaching users in the era of mobile apps.

Importance of push notifications - Netcore Cloud

They have the knack for reaching users even when the app isn’t active, meaning no more waiting around for them to open the app to send personalized push messages examples. In fact, push notifications are a subtle way to prompt users to re-open the app and remind them how fantastic it is.

However, user dormancy and eventual churn are facts of life. If you’re a mobile marketer witnessing high dormancy rates or declining user retention, it might be time to re-evaluate your customer engagement solutions and strategies.

10 Tips For Sending Solid iOS Push Notifications

High-quality iOS push notifications marry the right mix of informative and engaging content without coming off as invasive. For product managers, mastering the art of impactful push notifications can significantly boost user engagement, retention, and overall satisfaction using the right customer engagement platform.

Here are some key pointers for product managers:

1. Personalization

Leverage a customer engagement tool to customize push notifications considering user preferences, behavior, and demographics. Address users by their names and deliver content that aligns with their interests, making sure that push notifications strike a chord with them.

2. Timing and frequency

Analyze user behavior using customer engagement software to determine the optimal moments to send push notifications for heightened engagement. Be careful not to barrage users with too many notifications in a short span, as it may overwhelm or irritate them. Contemplate using frequency caps or smart delivery algorithms to enhance notification delivery.

3. Rich media

Bring in rich media such as images, GIFs, or videos to add flair to your iOS push notifications and make them more engaging. This could seize the user’s attention and spur them to take action.

Rich media push notifications ios - Netcore Cloud

4. Deep linking

Integrate deep links in your iOS push notifications using a customer engagement platform. This directs users to specific pages or sections within your app, providing a seamless experience and reducing any friction in achieving the intended actions.

5. A/B testing

Consistently test different variations of your push notifications, from text and visuals to call-to-action prompts, using customer engagement solutions. This helps identify the most effective components, allowing for continuous improvement in subsequent notifications.

6. Localization

Adapt your push notifications to the user’s language and region to ensure that your message aligns with cultural nuances and connects with your target audience.

7. Clear and concise messaging

Write your push notification copy to be precise, succinct, and action-centric. Use influential language and include a clear CTA that inspires users to take the required action.

8. Optimization

Consistently monitor and evaluate the performance of your push notifications, focusing on metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use these insights, combined with a robust customer engagement software, to refine your push notification strategy and elevate its overall impact.

9. Segmentation

Break down your user base into unique segments based on their behavior, preferences, and other characteristics. By doing so, you can utilize a customer engagement tool to dispatch targeted push notifications to specific user groups, enhancing the relevance and potency of your communications.

10. Opt-in strategy

Encourage users to sign up for push notifications by highlighting the value they will gain from your alerts. Consider leveraging in-app messages or onboarding processes, supported by a customer engagement solution, to elucidate the perks of opting into notifications from your app.

Types of Push Notifications

Push notifications, much like tools in a customer engagement platform, come in various forms, each designed to fulfill specific objectives and cater to different user preferences. As a product manager, once you get the lowdown on the types of push notifications, you’re equipped to strategize the perfect mix to keep your users plugged in, clued up, and feeling like they belong.

1. Informational notifications

Think of these as your mini digital newsstand, dishing out vital updates, news, or general knowledge. They can cover anything from weather forecasts, traffic buzz, or the latest headline-grabbing news.

2. Reminder notifications

Acting as a virtual assistant, these notifications gently remind users of upcoming events or tasks. Whether it’s a calendar event, a bill payment deadline, or a subscription renewal, this customer engagement tool ensures users never miss a beat.

iOS reminder notification - Netcore Cloud

3. Promotional iOS push notifications

They’re on a mission to shout about products, services, or steal-worthy deals. Expect these to toss out discount codes, flash sales, or new product fanfares.

Promotional notification - Netcore Cloud

4. Social push notifications

These spring into action for anything linked to social media platforms or apps, flagging up new messages, friend adds, likes, comments, or mentions.

Social media notification - Netcore Cloud

5. Personalized iOS push notifications

These fashion notifications for individual users, guided by their preferences, browser history, or app usage. They might suggest fresh content to devour, products to sample, or must-visit spots.

6. Transactional iOS push notifications

Acting as the user’s personal ledger within a customer engagement software, these notifications provide updates on any transactional activity.

They pop into your inbox to confirm or update you on a transaction’s status, such as an online purchase, a booking, or a delivery. Think order confirmations, shipping progress, and payment receipts.

7. UGC push notifications

Serving as the community’s digital noticeboard, this customer engagement tool alerts users to new content created or shared by peers within a platform. This could be new blog posts, forum replies, or group discussions.

8. Re-engagement push notifications

They’re geared to bring users back to an app or website they’ve left gathering virtual dust. These might jog users’ memory about abandoned shopping carts, flaunt new features, or extend an invite to a special event.

Re-engagement push notifications - Netcore Cloud

How to Recapture & Re-engage User Attention?

A well-planned re-engagement push notification campaign is sure to catch your user’s eye and inspire them to return to your app.

It also serves as a reminder of why they downloaded the app in the first place. Creating top-of-mind recall with relevant push notification examples based on your user’s data points and in-app behavior is crucial.

Your re-engagement efforts can really pay off if you keep a few tips in mind while planning a campaign.

  • Reward your users

People love to be appreciated and a little reward can go a long way. Whether it’s points they can collect, access to premium features, or even just a virtual high five, a little bit of recognition can seriously boost user engagement.

  • Clearly outline the benefits they stand to gain

It’s important to make sure your users understand what they’re getting from using your app. Be clear and specific about the benefits your app offers. You could say something like, “Did you know that using our app can help you manage your time more efficiently?” or “Our app helps you connect with like-minded individuals around the world.” Make them realize what they stand to gain and why it’s worth their time.

  • Deploy Personalized Push Notifications with Customer Engagement Software

This is about making your users feel like they’re not just another number. Customize the notifications to suit their habits and preferences. So, instead of a generic “Check out our new feature,” you could say, “Hey (Name), we’ve noticed you love sci-fi. There’s a new feature you might like…”. This can go a long way in building relationships with customers.

  • Remind users of new features or updates

This is really about keeping your users in the loop and excited about what’s coming next. If you have an exciting new feature or update, make sure you let them know. This could be as simple as a notification saying, “Psst, have you seen our new update yet?” or even “We’ve got some cool new features we think you’ll love”.

By integrating these strategies within your customer engagement solution, you can ensure sustained user interest and loyalty, maximizing the potential of customer engagement solutions.

5 Best iOS Push Notifications Examples of Leading Brands

1. Zomato

Who can resist a burger? Even the healthiest of us probably indulged at some point in life! Zomato sends impressive notifications that contain all the elements a push notification should have. They even include rich elements and emojis, and they send such campaigns generally in the evening when users are more likely to transact.

Push notification example of Zomato - Netcore Cloud

Zomato adds cool images to their push notifications, making them pop and catch your attention, enticing you to reopen their app. They go the extra mile with personalization, too. They don’t just use your first name – they also tailor the notification to your past in-app behaviors and purchases. To make it all more fun, they sprinkle in some emojis!

Have you noticed they often send these notifications during breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner times? That’s when we’re all thinking about what to order food, right?

They’re smart about timing, which makes us more likely to engage with their app. Marketers can use AI to get even better at this, choosing the perfect times to send notifications and nudging us into using their app more and placing orders.

Rich push notifications, like the ones Zomato sends, are a key part of mobile marketing strategies.

2. QuizUp

QuizUp recognizes dormancy and preferences based on historical app usage. So, it sends engaging push notifications of a new quiz topic’s arrival, completely customized based on past in-app interactions.

Push notification example - QuizUp - Netcore Cloud

QuizUp is definitely not your typical gaming app. It has a sixth sense, noticing when you haven’t been playing and what quiz topics are based on your history with the app.

And you know what? It uses this information to send awesome push notifications, nudging about new quiz topics.

Let’s talk about these iOS push notifications from QuizUp.

First up, their content is just super catchy and attention-grabbing. And then there’s the emoji game – it may seem like they’re going overboard with emojis, but they actually use them brilliantly.

The icing on the cake? This level of hyper-personalization, possibly powered by sophisticated customer engagement software, ensures that users are always presented with content that resonates with them.

3. Nearbuy

With over a million app downloads, Nearbuy aces its user engagement and re-engagement mobile marketing campaigns. Nearbuy’s “We Miss You” flavored push notifications are a perfect example of how to resuscitate dormant users, encouraging app relaunch and in-app purchases.

Push notification example - nearbuy - Netcore Cloud

These notifications, possibly crafted using a customer engagement tool, combine emotion, incentives, and urgency to prompt users to return to the app. This iOS push notification has everything that could shake any app user.

First, the messaging is concise but packs a punch. The tone and creative elements are just enough to nudge you into opening the app again.

Then a promo code is tucked right inside the notification message. Nearbuy knows how to tickle our psyche, dangling a buying incentive that’s hard to resist.

And if that wasn’t enough, they pull out the urgency card, reminding you that it’s a limited-time offer, cleverly creating a FOMO effect.

These re-engagement push notifications are timed perfectly. And the more these notifications are personalized and targeted, with a clear incentive, the more likely they are to breathe new life into dormant users.

4. Overcast

Overcast re-engages users by sending a push notification whenever a new episode of a user’s favorite or subscribed-to podcast is released.

Push notification example - Overcast - Netcore cloud

5. Duolingo

Known for its incredible UX and gamification of the language learning experience, Duolingo also has noteworthy re-engagement-focused push notification campaigns.

But you should also take note of Duolingo’s re-engagement push notifications, as they’re a key part of their overall mobile marketing strategy.

Let’s break down why their iOS push notifications are so good at getting folks back on the app.

First up, the copy is contextual – it’s customized based on a user’s past behavior on the app. Duolingo really nails personalization this way.

Next, there’s the friendly tone of the message. It’s not too formal, it’s not too casual – it’s just right. It hits a sweet spot that resonates with users, making the message feel more like a friendly nudge and less like an obtrusive ad.

And finally, there’s the relevance of the details in the notification. It’s concise and to the point, telling users exactly how much time they’ll need to invest in their daily learning. This clarity helps push users to reopen the app and get back to their lessons.


Re-engaging your app users is an art and a crucial part of every mobile marketing strategy.

As push notifications constitute an incredibly powerful tool in an app marketers’ arsenal that drives users back to your app, it’s important to have an effective push message strategy in place.

So, ensure your push notification campaigns are well-crafted, personalized, and designed to nudge such users toward a favorable conversion event.

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