5 Best Push Notification Campaigns that Act as Conversion Catalysts
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5 Best Push Notification Campaigns that Act as Conversion Catalysts

Published : March 19, 2019

Let’s be honest, employing the best push notification strategy is vital. It can transform your conversion ‘funnel’—which, let’s face it, is more of a complex maze than a straightforward path.

You, too, maybe doing it often – adding products to your shopping cart and leaving them there.

Or, perhaps you check flights for your next vacation that is 3 months away but don’t book them immediately.

Does nudging through push notifications improve the chances of users buying those products in the cart or completing that transaction?

Yes. They serve as an essential link, offering an opportunity to re-engage customers and guide them back towards completing a sale.

Here are 5 best push notification examples across industries, capable of elevating conversions  and improving customer engagement:

1. [E-Commerce]: Encourage users to revisit their abandoned carts

Cart abandonment is a major challenge for e-commerce brands. The average cart abandonment rate can be as high as 70.19%.

You can’t afford to ignore these users. Remember that you’ve worked incredibly hard to acquire your users, and an abandoned cart situation simply hits your monetization opportunities.

Personalized push notifications can capture attention at the right moment, increasing app re-engagement and purchase likelihood.

Abandoned cart push notifications - Netcore Cloud

Smart Tips:

  • Create a sense of urgency in your push messages. A generic “Your cart is waiting!” app notification hardly works anymore. Ensure that your notification message doesn’t sound too pushy, though. There’s a fine line between an encouraging nudge and a hard sell.

  • Deep link the push notification to the exact item page. Minimize user drop-offs with a streamlined checkout process, which is crucial when 26% abandon purchases due to complexity.

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2. [Food Tech]: Boost customer engagement through real-time incentives

The marriage of geolocation technology with push notifications has opened up a whole new arena for real-time hyper-personalized targeting.

Suppose your users are at the airport, and they receive a contextualized push notification from your food delivery app about their favorite restaurant’s airport outlet offer. Wouldn’t this increase the chances of an in-store purchase?

Smart tip:

  • Use past transactional data to personalize the push notification. If your user is in a mall that has tens of restaurants and food outlets, sending an offer about the place they mostly order food from can be way more engaging.

3. [Travel]: Encourage users to complete their bookings

Achieving consistent conversions on online travel apps is increasingly challenging. Given the plethora of price comparison engines saturating the internet, users seldom make travel bookings without extensive research, frequently leaving the purchase process incomplete. While some may return, unfortunately, many do not.

In such a scenario, a well-timed push notification can increase the chances of customer engagement and conversion. Personalized push notifications can act as the final nudge in making them complete their desired bookings.

Consider incentivizing with a time-sensitive discount or promo code specially tailored for price-sensitive user segments in different geographic locations, consequently driving purchases.

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Smart Tips:

  • Lure your users with attractive price differentials. A carefully timed push notification about the drop in price can be the ultimate motivator for your user to go ahead and complete the purchase.
  • Offer recommendations on hotels, restaurants, and connecting flights/trains: Utilise the user data to send personalized hotel recommendations, connecting trains or buses between destinations in the city, etc. As a result, such campaigns not only boost revenue but strengthen customer engagement and loyalty, too.

4. [Media OTT]: Convert freemium users into paying subscribers

While offering freemium subscriptions can help you increase user acquisition during the initial phases, converting your freemium monthly active users (MAUs) into paying subscribers is important for revenue growth.

A rightly-timed personalized push notification can act as a reminder as well as a nudge for this user segment to become paid users. A comprehensive customer engagement platform can help you do this quite seamlessly.

Smart Tips:

  • Leverage the power of advanced in-app analytics to understand your users’ behavior over a period of time. Based on what content they consume the most, you can craft relevant push notification campaigns using a robust customer engagement solution.

  • For instance, those users who spend the majority of their time watching sports highlights can be targeted with an offer to upgrade to a paid plan only for sports content. On the other hand, users who watch a specific genre of free movies/sitcoms can be encouraged to move to a paid subscription to enjoy unrestricted access to their preferred content.

  • Timing for such push notification campaigns is critical. Sending a push notification 2-3 days before the free period ends can often do the trick while chasing users to migrate to a paid plan right after a week of sign-up might put them off completely. Allow your users to experience value on your app before encouraging them to part with their money.

5. [BFSI]: Push notifications to cross-sell and upsell through offers

With users choosing banking apps over websites, the BFSI sector is rapidly adopting push notifications over other channels to drive various cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

Smart tip:

  • Apart from your own products like credit/debit cards, mutual funds, etc., use push notifications to drive revenue through brand partnerships with food delivery apps, payment wallets, ride-hailing apps, online retailers, ticketing apps, and many more.

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These push notification campaigns are a must to ensure your users reach the end of the conversion funnel regardless of the non-linear path they might have taken. Done right, these are sure to bring a spike in your conversions and, ultimately, your business revenues. You can boost the delivery rates of your push notifications through Netcore customer engagement platform’s industry-first push amplification feature.

Push Notifications: Engage to convert and retain your users!

Push Notifications as a mobile marketing channel constitute the surest way to address your users’ ever-wavering attention. If done right, they can be the most powerful mobile marketing technology currently available. But done wrong, it can very well be the cause of users opting out, uninstalling your app, and indulging in negative word-of-mouth.

Push notifications hold immense potential to play a key role in every stage of your app user lifecycle, beginning from acquisition and onboarding to customer engagement and retention.

Leverage the power of user data to design incredible push notification campaigns that hit the right chord with your users in terms of relevance and personalization, and you will see all your key app metrics soar.

To learn how you can create and deliver high-performing push notification campaigns through Netcore Cloud, request a demo today.

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Written By: Ritu Poddar