12 AMP emails to drive maximum sales in the holiday season
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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12 AMP emails to drive maximum sales in the holiday season

Published : November 30, 2022

‘Tis the season for giving… .and where there’s giving, there’s shopping!

The holiday season puts everyone in the mood to give, and that’s music to marketers’ ears. Just look at the numbers: between November 1 and December 31, 2022, global online shoppers are expected to spend an estimated $209.7 billion on holiday shopping. Cyber Monday alone is forecast to generate approximately $11.2 billion in online sales. 

It’s time for marketers to showcase their turkey-carving, holly-decked, Santa-loving side. Since customers are already looking for perfect gifts, let them know you have what they exactly need. Nothing can beat the success of email marketing, especially during the holidays. And you can take those results to incredible heights with AMP emails.

The AMP emails’ ability to display dynamic and interactive elements leads to outstanding customer engagement and conversion every single time. People pay more attention, explore choices, and buy products conveniently within AMP emails. They don’t need to visit the website or log in to shop.

This article will take you through twelve time-tested ideas on using AMP emails to put your holiday marketing campaigns into hyperdrive. These AMP emails will effect an unprecedented ROI and leave you with more delighted customers than ever.

Reach out to customers early

Everyone loves receiving presents, but shopping for them can be a challenge, especially at the last minute. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a reminder (and a handy list) to start your gift-shopping early?

AMP emails are perfect for this. Send an AMP email to customers reminding them to shop early for their family, friends, colleagues, employees, etc. before the rush starts and the best items run out of stock. 

You can use several amp components to display images and GIFs to grab customers’ attention inside your email. Go crazy with spirited motifs and design, and include interesting text elements too! An AMP email will convey your message in the most effective manner and get your customers excited about grabbing those Yuletide goodies instantly!

Send out value-adds like shopping guides

Most people are busy wrapping up work before the holidays hit and don’t have time to painstakingly pick gifts for their loved ones. Thankfully, they’ll have your expert recommendations to count on!

Create searchable lists of gifting ideas – for family, friends, that special someone, kids, or employees. AMP emails will let your customers search through lists right within their inbox; they won’t have to visit the website or move away from their email.

Remember to add attention-grabbing images and GIFs that showcase each gift. You can even create expandable/collapsible text sections in AMP emails to include guides with large amounts of text in limited space.

Display compelling deals and discounts

A big part of advertising holiday deals is to build anticipation, even before the deals kick in. Get your customers charged up about that 50% off on sneakers a week before they actually hit the shelves. They’ll be ready to pounce on the products the minute they go on sale!

Your AMP emails can highlight upcoming deals with hard-to-miss images and interactive product displays that lead to CTAs (Get 20% off on iPhones! Grab exclusive deals from 16th to 23rd Dec!). Build up the excitement with a carousel of images and GIFs showcasing the product from all angles.

You can go a step further and put calculators right inside the email so that customers can do some quick math and determine if items match their budget.

Create pre-buzz plus a sense of urgency

People buy more gifts this time of year than any other, and naturally, they value their discounts more. They’re actively looking for that sweet deal, and you can create a powerful FOMO state (fear of missing out) around their search!

AMP emails enable you to insert a self-updating “days left/hours left” timer – right inside your email. Every time someone opens the email, they’ll see the time left before the deal becomes available – from 5 days to 4, 3, 2, and so on. Most of them will surely click “Buy Now” as the timer moves closer to 0.

Know what customers are looking for

If someone’s bought plant-based meat off your site, they’re probably not going to buy steaks. Don’t toss out random gifting lists; you’ll just put customers off and make them ignore your emails.

Get your customer preferences quickly and easily via AMP emails. Let users fill out forms (with one-click inputs), participate in interactive surveys, respond to creative polls, and contribute in suggestion boxes – all inside a single AMP email.

Send customers emails they look forward to. Give them exactly what they want.

Chat Survey Zero-party data collection

Help customers buy on-the-go

When it’s the holidays, there’s so much to buy and so little time. 

Bring the entire shopping experience within a single AMP email – search items, browse multiple catalogs, read ratings, add to cart, make payments, and more. No multiple page redirections, no delays. Just a couple of clicks, and the item is theirs!

Share personalized gift recommendations

Nothing catches someone’s attention quite like making them feel heard. Personalization establishes a strong connection. When someone sees their name in an email, they’ll feel it’s specifically meant for them. Start with the name and move on to their needs and wants.

As mentioned, AMP emails are the best way to collect customer preferences through in-email forms. Based on such data, you can send the most relevant gift ideas with a greater chance of convincing a customer to buy.  Make them feel that you provide a service focused on their priorities.

Make holiday travel smoother

Holidays mean travel and lots of it. It also means time rush, hard-to-find cabs, missing out on favorite plane seats, and all other travel-related hassles. 

Go beyond the usual conveniences, and give your customers something they’ll remember you by. For example, AMP emails let people select preferred seats from their email inbox – no website redirections needed. 

They can also book cabs to the airport, get weather reports on the day of their flight, and choose food options – all within a single AMP email. 

For customers who like to shop in person while visiting new places, AMP emails can carry store locators and maps, not to mention delivery trackers and real-time updates that make busy holiday shoppers’ lives easier. 

AMP emails offer you several opportunities to excel in customer engagement and turn buyers into brand loyalists.

Give customers ideas, not just products

Your customers know you’re selling to them, so go beyond products.  Let them feel good about buying from you – over and above a deal or discount.

Give them ideas for having a holiday hoot. Top 5 campsites in Oahu? Maple Syrup Legends of Vermont? Coffee shops in Ohio with the best cheesecake? You’ve got them thinking.

AMP emails make it easy to display lots of text without cluttering up device screens. Mix up detailed content with awe-inspiring images, and you’ll have people hooked to your communication. Of course, you can tie up these ideas with related products – camping gear, woolens for the cold, dessert cookbooks, and the like.

Help customers make the most of their holiday, and they’ll remember you as their holiday expert!

Offer options for last-minute shoppers

One too many pre-Christmas meetings, and someone has forgotten to shop cufflinks for their grand-uncle. Nobody wants to show up with a thoughtless gift at family reunions, and your AMP emails can ensure they don’t.

Send last-minute reminders on AMP emails that display product lists with concise and crucial details and pictures. Offer special product curations customers can quickly buy off AMP emails. Give them guaranteed on-time delivery and a live tracker within the email. Customers just need to open the same email whenever they want to track the package.

You’ll become your customers’ favorite choice by adding an extra thought to their seasonal shopping needs.

Recover abandoned carts

Much like active customer spends, online shopping cart abandonment hits an all-time high during the holiday season. What’s the proven way to address the issue? Send AMP emails.

When a customer abandons their cart, trigger AMP emails that remind them of the deals they are about to miss. Once again, alluring images and GIFs with persuasive text will trigger action. For example, “When’s the next time you’ll find a North Face high-pile jacket at 30% off?” while an image of the iconic clothing spins underneath.

Do some quick math and dynamically display the savings (with numbers), especially with any traditionally expensive items in the cart (luxury watches, shoes, wine, electronics, etc.) within your AMP email.

Use AMP countdown elements in your emails to make the deal even more compelling. Offer an extra 10% discount if the customer purchases within the next 12 hours. Let customers crunch the numbers with an in-email calculator so they’ll know what a fantastic saving they might lose – all from their inbox.

Cart Recovery

Don’t miss out on post-festival shopping

New year, new shopping list. Or was that a resolution?

Either way, people do engage in a flurry of shopping right after the holiday season ends. The shopping doesn’t show signs of slowing down, be it grabbing a few quick gifts for professional acquaintances they’ll see at work, or restocking on kitchen essentials after Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts.

Post-holiday clearance sales are great opportunities for merchants and marketers to leverage AMP emails to the maximum. Use the various amp components explained above to display items, allow search and purchase, provide delivery tracking, and follow up with witty reminders. And you’ll continue to convert well into the new year.

Summing it up

Holidays are peak shopping days, and your email marketing game needs to be at its peak. AMP emails are the silver bullet that takes your emails from “doing well” to “knocking it out of the park.” AMP emails will shoot up your marketing ROI like never before if you combine them with smart audience segmentation, recipient targeting, and AI-based automation – the best offerings from Netcore Cloud.

50+ top-notch brands, such as YourStory, Axis Securities, and CaratLane, across industries partner with the Netcore Cloud AI-powered email platform to roll out AMP emails and boost their ROI. We have sent more than a billion AMP emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns. Our AMP email wizards consult to achieve your specific KPIs and email marketing goals.

Netcore Cloud makes creating AMP emails easy. You can even design custom use cases yourself using the Netcore no-code drag-and-drop editor in just three clicks.

Connect with us to understand how you can benefit from our expertise and experience – we send over 20 billion emails a month on behalf of businesses across 18 countries.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
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