What are email AMPlets and how do they skyrocket conversions?
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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What are email AMPlets and how do they skyrocket conversions?

Published : October 6, 2022

AMPlets for emails are here! Say goodbye to CTA links placed at the bottom of the email with the hope that users will scroll down, click, exit to another webpage, and take the desired action. The CTA link has proved unreliable as maximum users are likely to drop off at the nearest exit point.

Now you can completely turn things around within your email with AMPlets.

AMPlets use AMP components individually or in combination to create several interesting customer interactions. They offer endless possibilities to liven up your emails, increase engagement and encourage conversions right within emails.

Let us look at 11 AMPlets that can boost your engagement rate like never before.

1. Real-time updates

Deliver real-time updates covering Tweets, Facebook feeds, Instagram stories, news flash, stock fluctuations, cryptocurrency changes etc. Every time the users open their email, the information updates real-time to show the live feed.

2. Exciting games

Offer the thrill of chance-based games and the challenge of skill-based games to users. Add games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Tic Tac Toe, Scrabble, Spin the Wheel, treasure hunts, classic mazes, jigsaw puzzles, multi-choice quizzes, and more into your email. You can also combine incentives to boost engagement with your email campaign.

3. Comic books

Animate classic comics or cartoons to hook users with stories they resonate with. You can use the element of curiosity to bring customers back to your emails regularly for anything from branding to reactivation.

4. Scratch card

Reward loyal customers with exclusive deals and offers using virtual scratch cards in your email. On completing a task or creating a winning streak, the reward of a scratch-to-reveal card can prove very exciting.

Search bars with relevant autocomplete suggestions effectively reduce the time to locate an item. You can extend the application to create store locators, flight searches, form response fields, FAQs etc. – all within an email.

6. Live calculator

Embed live calculator to enable users to calculate/plan their monthly payments, insurance premium, or interest amounts with varying tenures and principal. Your emails can get more attractive with user-friendly toggle buttons or a drag feature.

7. Interactive calendar

Dynamic feeds can show updated availability on a calendar; users simply pick the date and time of their choice to fix an appointment. One can also schedule the delivery of their orders, review bookings or reschedule a reservation… right from your email.

8. Shopping cart

Include an app-like shopping cart with product carousels, dropdown selectors, item variants, and personalized recommendations in an email. Based on the user’s browsing behavior, you can fetch lists in real time and display well-matched suggestions.

9. Smart chatbot

Introduce a dynamic chatbot to bring customer care services within emails. Feed answers to the most common questions or let API calls fetch relevant answers from the backend. This can reduce the steps required to reach your defined CTAs.

10. Payment gateway

Seal the shopping experience with a payment gateway. You can speed up the conversion by adding flexible payment methods. A simple ‘buy now’ button in your email transitions into a portal, completing the transaction in a few seconds and confirming the payment and order almost instantly.

11. Instant feedback

Spontaneous feedback from an email can tell you a lot about the user experience. Use star ratings, NPS and forms to know your customers better. Using multi-step survey forms, you can also collect zero-party data, user preferences, detailed responses, etc.

Email marketing offers an incredible ROI at $36 for every $1 spent. By using engaging AMPlets within your emails, you can go much beyond.

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
Assistant Manager - Content Strategist