10 Email Marketing Strategies to Keep Customers Coming Back
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Heley Osborne

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10 Email Marketing Strategies to Keep Customers Coming Back

Published : November 4, 2020 | Updated : May 21, 2024

When running a sales business, each new customer gives a boost. Wise businessmen, however, also comprehend the importance of retaining old clients. The right email marketing strategy can help you achieve both of these goals and even more. Email marketing serves the purpose of acquiring new customers, converting the raw leads into active ones, and retaining the old customers. 

We did profound research to learn about the best email marketing practices that have shown great results for companies, so you can adopt them into your business model. Let’s dive in and learn how to use such a powerful marketing tool! 

1. Test Your Messages Before You Send Them On Multiple Browsers and Readers.

A technical aspect is always important. Make sure your email is mobile/small screen friendly. Watch your email on a small screen before sending it to the recipient. Test your messages before you send them on multiple browsers and readers. Have a checklist of things that need to be reviewed. Check if all links work, are all images uploaded, spelling, and grammar. 

2. Quality Over Quantity

We understand your desire to attract customers’ attention to your product. Bombarding them with endless emails, however, is not the solution. The majority of people nowadays, work via their PC or mobile phones and so they definitely hate being distracted by pushy notifications while trying to concentrate. According to business.com emailing is the brightest example of aggressive marketing. One email for a few days with a truly catchy content will make a customer appreciate you. Why? It doesn’t give them a sense of a being pocket for you. 

3. Diversify Your Content

Bland letters with “special offers” are not enough to make a customer repeat purchase. Give them a sense of interaction and diversify the emails you send. 


Keep customers in the know. From company news to upcoming events, you decide what to share with your customers

Educational Email

The aim is to teach your customers something about your product or service with well-written educational emails

Promotional Email 

Encourage customers to place an order with a promotional email

Welcome Email

Once a new customer places an order or signs up for your email list, send them a little note to welcome them to your community.

Source: skillshare.com

4. Make a Personal Touch but Keep Boundaries

According to the Invesp survey, personalized promotional mailings have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates if compared to non-personalized. The benefits even go further. An Epson research, also, states that 80% of the customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience.

It’s great to familiarize the relationships to establish warm connections, it’s easy to cross the line. Overusing of names may deal a serious blow to your reputation and ruin the trust between you and the customer. A good idea would be to use the users’ data( f.e birthday) and generate emails with exceptional offers to congratulate a customer on this joyful occasion.

5. Make an Offer They Won’t Resist

According to American Express experts, the reason why new customers never come back is that they’ve purchased your product or service with a discount. Many companies think that the best way to attract new customers is to offer them a discount and they’re right. Customers may doubt the quality of your product and the discount is the excellent way to try it out and not regret spending the vast sums. What’s the problem then? The problem is that many customers will buy a product for less but never at full price. Hence, it’s better if you make tempting offers to customers’ who’ve already bought something from you. Whether it’s a discount, free shipping, or a gift. Take this example from the INDO restaurant.

Source: Shopify.com 

6. Create Loyalty Programs

Most will tell you that selling to already existing customers is easier and more cost-effective than attracting the new ones. Returning customers are more autonomous in their decision making, have shorter buying cycles, are less price-sensitive, and are more likely to spend more on each subsequent visit. The loyalty program is simple but it gets the job done. It stimulates the clients to make further purchases. The lab report writer service, for example, doesn’t offer discounts to the returning clients but they offer a bonus to the clients with each order. The clients get a percentage from their payments stored on their accounts as credit so that they could use it to pay for future orders. Simple as that.

7. Remind Customers of What They Have Missed

Customers often surf through your e-shop and add goods to the shopping basket not because they’re intended to spend money on your products but because they want to see whether you offer a discount or simply bide their time, or wait for salary to be able to afford the purchase. In this case, the reminders can do their job. Show potential customers what they liked to evoke the interest in them. 

Source: romwe.com

8. Include FAQ Section

Why don’t customers buy your products again? There may be a plethora of reasons and the financial part is one of them. However, you can’t improve your customers’ financial welfare but you surely can persuade them of the necessity of your items or services. Whisky Loot, for instance, addresses hesitations with their abandoned cart email automation, overtly listing product benefits and including FAQs to push users to complete their purchase.

9. Take The Emotional Tack

The Wall Street Journal says science finds “short snouts, high foreheads, round faces, and big eyes activate the dopamine reward center in the brain.” That’s why ads with puppies or babies work so well. So why not implement it to your email strategy and use this method to keep customers coming back? If they haven’t visited your site for a long time, get armed with cute images of puppies just to remind how much you miss and love your customer.

10. Connect With Customers on Other Channels

Giving users a chance to connect with you on other platforms apart from email is a great strategy. Emailing may not be convenient and social networks will give you more chances to stay on top of mind. Famous Tiffany & Co gives their phone number and links to social media, a store locator, and customer service at the bottom of their welcome email. 

Source: tiffany.com


By following these 10 email strategies to keep customers coming back, you can build a reputation of a serious client-oriented company that cares not only for its sales rate but for the customer as well. Once you implement a few of these suggestions, encouraging clients to repeat their purchases would be much easier.

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