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EP #43 Cracking the email deliverability code with experts from the industry
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EP #42 Email technology: Changes, challenges, and what’s coming !
Learn top trends and technology and how everything impacts email technologi...
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EP #45 Email 2.0, let’s make email cool again
An insightful conversation on the future of emails - “email 2.0”. Learn...
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Email Masterclass podcast
34m 58s
EP #1 Email Masterclass | Ready-to-Implement Strategy to Reduce Email Churn Rate
Chad and Chaitanya join us to shed light on the actionable items that can h...
COVID-19 Series podcast
38m 23s
COVID-19 Series | EP #5: There is Opportunity in Disruption and Email is the Key
Chad White, Head of Research at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting sits down wi...
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38m 23s
COVID-19 Series | EP #4: What Does Your Current Email Strategy Say about Your Brand?
Lauren joins us from Southern California where she is currently working wit...
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11m 35s
COVID-19 Series: EP #0: Email Unplugged Podcast Launch Special Series
The industry experts share their insights on how you can increase your Emai...
Unicorn Series: Mastering email, the story of rapid growth from an app first unicorn, Phonepe
40m 05s
EP #21 Unicorn Series: Mastering email, the story of rapid growth from an app first unicorn, Phonepe.
In this age of app-first technologies, what makes one application stand out...
19 Feature
43m 11s
EP #19 The Importance of Email to Businesses: A CEO’s POV
Check out the latest episode of our podcast to hear Bob’s advice about em...
20 feature
41m 42s
EP #20 Discussing Spam Emails and Blocklists in 2021
Matthew Vernhout and Matthew Stith discuss varied perspectives on spam trap...

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