COVID-19 Series: EP #0: Email Unplugged Podcast Launch Special Series

COVID-19 Series: EP #0: Email Unplugged Podcast Launch Special Series

About this Podcast

Master your email communication and get those numbers jumping with the best ROI in the market! Netcore is launching a brand new podcast called ‘Email Unplugged’
To kickstart, we have a special series of 5 podcasts with 5 Industry experts and a special host, with focus on making every email marketer’s life easy during these uncertain times.

The industry experts share their insights on how you can increase your Email ROI and deliver value to your consumers through emails, now. Our special host for all the episodes is none other than Dennis Dayman, a 25-year veteran of the email/ digital marketing industry.

What to expect from the podcast series:

  • How to stay relevant with your brand and generate ROI through emails during tough times
  • How to avoid irrelevant messaging during COVID-19
  • Industry experts share their experiences as consumers with respect to emails they receive

Tune in to Episode 0 & 1, and know what’s in store for the coming episodes! Our speaker list for upcoming Podcasts includes:

  • Episode 1 with Matthew Vernhout, Director Privacy and Industry Relations – Validity
  • Episode 2 with Jeanne Jennings, Email Marketing Strategy Consultant, GM, Only Influencers
  • Episode 3 with Kait Creamer, Growth + Email Marketing Leader & International Keynote Speaker
  • Episode 4 with Lauren Meyer, VP Industry Relations .Email geek. Best Practise Advocate – Kickbox
  • Episode 5 with Chad White, Head of Research at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting

PS Also know what Netcore is giving away to all email lovers through COVID-19 Relief Program!

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