Banner Personalization

Showcase the most relevant content on
banners strategically across your website

Deliver personalized banners for each website visitor across various pages of your website - based on their interests, preferences, real-time actions, and inactions

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Highlight the most contextual content
or images - within customers' eyeliners
Show separate banners to
specific customer segments
Maximize the attention span of website visitors
to nudge them along their journey

Target unique visitors with banner content that matters only to them

Display similar banners to
visitors in the same segment

Easily define rules that allow you to showcase banners to relevant customer segments based on their real-time actions on your website
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Display similar banners to visitors in the same segment

Choose the type of content
you wish to show

Capture the interest of your users by editing and modifying various elements of your website banner; such as content, products, text, images, offers, and CTAs. Showcase content that is likely to make the visitor move to the next stage of the conversion journey
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Personalize your website home page

The home page is the best screen real-estate to grab the eyeballs of your visitors. Ensure that you capture their attention with the most contextual content when they land on your home page. This could be based on the time of day, current season, geolocation, etc.
Personalize banners across multiple web pages

Personalize banners across multiple web pages

Now easily display personalized banner content on various web pages along with each visitor's conversion journey - to avoid drop-offs, improve conversions, and repeat purchase behavior

The Body Shop
BodyShop leftasset
Netcore’s AI-powered Personalization helped us achieve a 13.2% uplift in revenue.
Atul Shivnani
Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, The Body Shop
The Body Shop
Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant.
Miss Amara Client Testimonial
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager, Miss Amara

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