5 reasons why content personalization is the need of the hour for marketers
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Neeraj Manivannan

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5 reasons why content personalization is the need of the hour for marketers

Published : September 2, 2021

At the start of the previous decade, delivering personalized communication when interacting with your end-users was just a luxury. Cut to the present day, it has now become a hygiene factor in all marketing communications. It’s important that you understand their unique behaviors and preferences to deliver a personalized experience to make their life more convenient.

Gone are the days when just updating your website with new content and products was sufficient. To achieve faster engagement, quicker conversions, and better user retention, it is your responsibility to create a dynamic website experience that is personalized to keep customers glued to the website.

Content Personalization is the key to achieving this goal of serving up personalized experiences that reflect each unique customer’s tastes, preferences, and behaviors. 63% of customers said they’d have a positive association with a brand if the content provided was relatable, valuable, and personalized. 

Personalization has a significant impact on conversions. However, unless it is implemented correctly, marketers will not be able to experience the full benefit. 

How can you ensure that the content on your website gets personalized dynamically to resonate with each individual customer? Content Personalization is the solution. 

  1. Personalization with name on the website

Imagine this scenario – A user browsing the website found something interesting and started filling in the lead form. However, before completing the transaction, the user exited the website. 

What can you do to make sure your user’s next visit makes special and motivate the user towards completing the purchase? 

Nothing resonates better than being addressed by your name. Right? You can build an immediate connection with your customers by welcoming them onto the website 

Homepage banner - Content Personalization

These are some of the website elements that can be personalized –  

  1. Personalization on the basis of last activity performed: 

However, the times ahead show that personalization merely on the basis of the name will not be enough for the user to make a choice. Showing users something that resonates with them is extremely important to nudge them towards completing the transaction. 

Quite often, users drop off from the website due to a lack of time to complete the transaction or due to some urgent task popping up. With specialized analytics tools, you can map the user’s navigation, session journey, and previous interaction to personalize the experience. 

Imagine this scenario – You visit a banking website and begin filling up a lead form to open up a savings account. But you had to drop off mid-way before submitting all the information. This means that the next time you come back you have to start all over again. 

The next visit of the user is extremely critical. Showing a generic homepage might not increase the engagement and users might be lost again. What can the brand do to make sure that your next visit makes you feel special and motivates you towards completing the transaction? 

As you were in process of filling up the form, wouldn’t it make it a lot more convenient if you could continue the process from wherever you left off the previous times? By showing a banner on the home page that redirects you straight to the page you left off, the brand will be able to capture your attention and drive you towards conversion. 

Personalization on the basis of last activity performed

All this is possible through Content Personalization and personalizing the user experience this way is a step towards increasing your engagement. 

  1. Geo (location) based personalization: 

Few product recommendations, rates, promotions, content, and events may not necessarily be relevant for customers across all geographic locations. That is why dynamic geo-location personalization can be a great solution for boosting conversions. It enhances the customer experience by delivering recommendations that are relevant to the customer’s location. 

Let’s say you’re an eCommerce business and you don’t deliver certain products to certain locations. A customer shopping from that particular location has spent a great deal of time browsing for the right product to purchase and has picked out the favorite one.

But once the customer goes to the checkout page, a message pops up saying that the selected product cannot be delivered to that particular location. 

A situation like this is not only going to cause immense frustration for the customer but could even push them towards abandoning the entire purchase. Not only that you might have also missed out on a chance to get them to purchase products that can be delivered to their location.

To remedy this, you can automatically display dynamic content or product recommendations based on the location of the customer. 

  1. Personalization on the basis of time: 

Another effective personalization technique is to deliver dynamic content based on the time the user visits the website. This shouldn’t just be limited to changing your homepage background into a night-time setting just because someone is visiting at night. Your dynamic personalization strategy has to be more relevant and actionable than that.

Ideally, you should display dynamic offers when your customers are visiting during a specific event or a holiday, or at a certain time of day. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant and you want to start using dynamic personalization.

For instance – The website of a restaurant can highlight the dinner menu when visitors land on the website between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM. Showing breakfast or lunch items at this time of the day is just going to waste the customer’s time. 

Personalization on the basis of time

Similarly, if someone visits the website right before Valentine’s Day, the website could display a banner encouraging them to make a reservation for that special day.

Personalizing the content or the products according to the time of the day or geolocation are clever techniques to increase your customer engagement and drive your customers towards making more purchases. 

  1. Personalizing home page banner based on previous browsing interest

Understanding customer interests, affinities, behavior forms the base of a personalization strategy. Every small interaction gives a deeper insight into the customer’s behavior. When there’s an opportunity to personalize your website elements based on the previous action taken by your customer, why not utilize it to the fullest?

You can easily define rules that allow you to showcase banners to relevant customer segments based on their real-time actions on your website. And if you have an efficient unified data platform that captures actions across multiple channels, you can even build journeys based on actions taken on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or social ads. 

For instance- If your user clicks on a sponsored social media ad that shows travel packages to Hawaii and then drops off before booking the package, is it advisable to show the user a generic banner on the user’s next visit to the website. Instead, with Content Personalization, you can take advantage of the interest shown by your customer and show a website banner that allows the user to complete the travel tour to Hawaii. 

Personalizing home page banner based on previous browsing interest - Content Personalization


These are just some of the effective website personalization techniques that you can use to boost your conversion rate and engagement on the website. By creating a better user experience, you can get your users to spend more time on the website and drastically improve conversions. This in return also leads to a reduced bounce rate. 

By delivering a personalized website experience, you can cut through the clutter and filter out the noise by making the experience more relevant to the individual. It’s a more targeted approach that’s always been proven to be much more engaging and effective.

To understand how we can help you create an effective website personalization strategy, get in touch with us today!

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Written By: Neeraj Manivannan