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Wow first-time shoppers with seamless onboarding

Showcase AI-led personalized product recommendations on the home page based on geolocation, device type, and time to solve the “cold start” challenge.
seamless onboarding

Build a unified view of every shopper

Our CDP helps you stitch together customer data from both offline and online touchpoints to create a rich individual user profile. Gain an in-depth understanding of each shopper based on demographic, geolocation, behavioural, device-related, and purchase details.

Increase customer engagement with personalized recommendations

Deliver 1:1 product recommendations across high-conversion channels such as email and app push notifications to prevent drop-offs.
personalized recommendations
Cross-sell more and retain

Cross-sell more and increase lifetime value

Identify your most valuable customers through our CLTV model and revenue dashboard. Increase AOV by cross-selling relevant products bought together. Ring-fence your best customers with contextual multi-channel campaigns that keep them coming back to your eCommerce store.

Increase retention by predicting and arresting churn, in real-time

Our AI engine, Raman, predicts users who are most likely to uninstall your app. He also highlights “why” users may be churning too! Act on Raman’s intelligent insights to craft and deliver effective multi-channel re-engagement campaigns to prevent churn, in real-time.
Predict and arrest app user churn

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