Netcore uplifts its monthly contribution to Crocs’ overall revenue by 15.5% with email + SMS + push channels

Netcore uplifts its monthly contribution to Crocs' overall revenue by 15.5% with email + SMS + push channels

Key Results
Uplift in Netcore’s monthly contribution to Crocs's overall revenue
Increase in Netcore’s contribution as compared to earlier months

Company: Crocs, Inc. is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, combining comfort and style with value for money. The company’s brands include Crocs and HEYDUDE, and its products are sold in more than 85 countries through wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels. Annual sales of $2.3B+ makes Crocs one of the world’s largest non-athletic footwear brands.

Industry: Fashion & Retail

Location: India

Category:  Netcore’s Customer Engagement Platform

Solution used: AI-Powered Email Marketing, SMS, App Push Notifications (APN), Multi-channel approach


In terms of reach and business, (D2C) is among the largest footwear websites in the world. The brand wanted to elevate to a similar stature since they had moved India up as the top priority market.

Primary challenges:

  • Explore innovative ways to improve user engagement.
  • Generate new leads and retain existing customers.
  • Enhance and leverage the Omni-Channel approach.



Netcore guided Crocs to adopt a four-pronged strategy to tap into the potential of new-age technologies to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers.

Taking the multi-channel approach (SMS and BPN)

Crocs introduced SMS as a new revenue channel (in April) as recommended by Netcore experts. They also worked with the Crocs tech team to streamline and speed up the token generation process for browser push notifications (BPNs). New opt-ins could instantly receive the BPNs seamlessly.

Increasing the email campaigns

Netcore recommended that Crocs strategically intensify the frequency of their email campaigns. With an incremental plan built into their GTM calendar, Crocs increased their email outreach from the earlier 4-5 campaigns per month to 15-16 campaigns per month.

Leveraging the Netcore CEE platform

Crocs tapped into several CEE features, such as the implementation of send time optimization (STO) in their campaigns. CEE also helped target the audience based on time of delivery, opens and purchases that led to a significant increase in conversion and revenue. Netcore guided Crocs on campaign planning, cohort-based segmentation, and email content drafting.

Attracting and engaging with innovations

The email campaigns from Crocs featured a countdown timer that created a sense of urgency in the audience and encouraged them to interact faster and better. The open and engagement rates for the campaigns shot up due to the subject line innovations with names and emoticons.

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