15 Mind-Blowing Omnichannel Marketing Examples from Top Ecommerce Brands for 2024
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Rengarajan Muralidharan

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15 Mind-Blowing Omnichannel Marketing Examples from Top Ecommerce Brands for 2024

Published : June 10, 2024

At the core of marketing today, creating exceptional experiences across multiple channels has emerged as a pivotal strategy. And we’ve taken 15 omnichannel marketing examples to show what we mean. To enhance customer experience, marketers must integrate online, offline, and mobile platforms into a unified, personalized approach – an omnichannel experience.

As of 2024, omnichannel marketing has become more than just a buzzword—it’s a cornerstone of successful retail operations. According to recent statistics, 78% of consumers prefer brands that provide consistent experiences across all channels.

Moreover, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.

In this blog, we delve into 15 omnichannel marketing examples, exploring the innovative strategies and success stories adopted by leading ecommerce players. Explore how brands also used ecommerce marketing platforms to personalize recommendations and integrate retail and loyalty programs to boost engagement and revenue.

Omnichannel marketing examples from top ecommerce brands | Netcore cloud

Omnichannel Marketing vs Multi-channel: What’s the Difference?

Omnichannel marketing represents a holistic approach to seamlessly engaging with consumers across various touchpoints. At its core, it goes beyond individual channels, creating interconnected experiences that cater to the diverse preferences and behaviors of audiences. 

Unlike traditional multichannel strategies, which often operate in silos, omnichannel endeavors strive for coherence and continuity, ensuring that interactions with the brand remain fluid and intuitive regardless of the platform or medium.

omnichannel vs multichannel marketing | What's the difference | Netcore cloud

At the heart of omnichannel marketing lies the concept of customer-centricity. In multichannel marketing, brands view consumers as isolated entities. In omnichannel marketing, brands understand that customers move through various digital and physical channels during their journey.

By embracing omnichannel methodologies, businesses endeavor to orchestrate a symphony of personalized experiences, each harmonizing seamlessly with the next to form a cohesive narrative that resonates with each customer’s unique needs and aspirations.

Why is Omnichannel Marketing Important for Brands?

Omnichannel marketing is crucial for brands because 

  • It enables seamless integration across various communication channels. 
  • Ensures a consistent and personalized experience for customers. 
  • Boosts brand awareness in the minds of customers.
  • Improves customer engagement across channels.
  • Aids in brand recall, which can positively impact sales and ROI.

By connecting online, mobile, and offline channels, brands can engage with customers wherever they are, enhancing convenience and accessibility. 

This approach fosters stronger relationships and boosts customer loyalty. Moreover, omnichannel strategies allow brands to adapt to changing consumer trends and market dynamics more effectively. Ultimately, omnichannel marketing is vital for brands seeking to build lasting connections and drive sustainable growth in today’s interconnected world.

15 Omnichannel Marketing Examples from Top Ecommerce Brands

Let’s dissect 15 compelling omnichannel marketing examples, showcasing how industry giants such as Bigbasket, Myntra, and Amazon India are reshaping the customer journey. Through examples and insights, we uncover the strategies behind their success and examine the impact of omnichannel marketing on customer loyalty and brand affinity.

1. Myntra: Insider and Virtual Try-on

Myntra, a trailblazer in the fashion ecommerce landscape, epitomizes the essence of omnichannel marketing with its multifaceted approach. 

At the core of its strategy lies the “Myntra Insider” program, a revolutionary initiative that seamlessly bridges the online and offline realms of fashion retailing. Through this innovative program, Myntra empowers customers to explore its extensive collection of fashion items across digital platforms and physical stores. 

Myntra ecommerce omnichannel strategy | Netcore cloud

Embracing cutting-edge technology, the platform pioneers the integration of augmented reality (AR) with its virtual try-on feature. This groundbreaking functionality allows customers to experiment with clothing and other accessories in a virtual fitting room in a lifelike environment. 

The virtual try-on feature revolutionizes the traditional shopping paradigm, empowering customers to make informed decisions while mitigating the hassle of returns and exchanges.

By harnessing the power of AR technology, Myntra enhances convenience and accessibility and instills confidence and satisfaction among its customers.

They further reward patrons with points for both online and offline purchases, cultivating a sense of exclusivity, appreciation, and brand loyalty.

2. JioMart: Omnichannel Shopping Experience

JioMart’s ecosystem is one of the best omnichannel marketing examples. It comprises a robust digital infrastructure, including a user-friendly website, a feature-rich mobile application, and a cutting-edge WhatsApp ordering service. 

These platforms empower customers to browse an extensive selection of grocery products, effortlessly place orders, and track deliveries in real time. 

By providing a unified shopping experience across multiple channels, JioMart ensures that customers can engage with the brand seamlessly, regardless of their preferred platform or device.

Jiomart: omnichannel shopping experience | Netcore Cloud

Moreover, JioMart’s commitment to delivering a true omnichannel experience extends beyond mere accessibility. As Varaganti, CEO of JioMart, emphasizes, it’s about consistency and parity across online and offline touchpoints. 

Whether customers shop digitally or visit a physical store, they can expect the same level of service, convenience, and personalized attention. This commitment to uniformity fosters consumer trust and loyalty, reinforcing JioMart’s reputation as a reliable and customer-centric brand.

Furthermore, JioMart leverages its omnichannel presence to offer customers exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions that transcend digital and physical boundaries. By incentivizing engagement across channels, JioMart cultivates a sense of excitement and value, driving customer satisfaction and retention in the highly competitive grocery retail landscape.


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3. Bigbasket: Personalized Recommendations

Bigbasket seamlessly integrates personalized recommendations into the browsing and shopping experience through its website and mobile app. This elevates relevance and engagement to unprecedented levels. 

Whether it’s suggesting favorite products, introducing new arrivals, or highlighting exclusive offers, Bigbasket ensures that every interaction with the platform is ingrained with a sense of familiarity and anticipation. They anticipate customer needs and desires, simplifying the shopping process and deepening connection and loyalty.

Moreover, Bigbasket’s commitment to personalized recommendations extends beyond mere transactional interactions. It encompasses every touchpoint along the customer journey.

From targeted email campaigns to dynamic homepage displays, the platform leverages its insights to deliver tailored messaging that resonates with individual preferences and purchase intent, making it one of our list’s top omnichannel marketing examples. By nurturing a sense of reciprocity and understanding, Bigbasket strengthens its bond with customers, driving repeat purchases and fostering long-term loyalty.


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4. Nykaa: Beauty Consultation Services

Nykaa’s omnichannel strategy includes its website, mobile app, and physical stores. Customers can shop for beauty and wellness products online, receive personalized recommendations, and participate in online and offline loyalty programs. 

Nykaa also offers expert advice and guidance through its must-read Beauty and Makeup Blog, ‘Beauty Book’, which features 25 leading makeup stylists and skin, hair, personal care, and wellness experts. They answer any questions or concerns about beauty, health, nutrition, and personal care. This section also includes a Virtual Makeover tool to try and share different makeup looks.

Nykaa’s omnichannel strategy | Netcore Cloud

Beyond that, Nykaa also has a section called ‘Ask Nykaa,’ which is a community of fellow members of the portal for all the questions and doubts one may have before purchasing a product from the site.


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5. Amazon India: Alexa Integration

Adding a layer of innovation, Amazon introduces Alexa, its voice assistant, into the shopping equation. Through Alexa-enabled devices, customers can engage in hands-free shopping experiences simply by using voice commands.

They can add items to their cart or inquire about product details. This intuitive interaction bridges the gap between technology and convenience, empowering customers to shop effortlessly from the comfort of their homes.

What sets Amazon’s omnichannel marketing strategy apart is its flexibility and seamlessness. Customers have the freedom to initiate their shopping journey with Alexa and later complete the purchase on the Amazon app or website, or vice versa. 

This fluidity ensures that customers have the freedom to choose the channel that best suits their preferences and circumstances without compromising on the overall shopping experience.

Amazon india: Alexa integration | Netcore cloud

Moreover, Amazon’s integration of Alexa goes beyond mere transactional interactions. With AI & ML capabilities, Alexa can provide personalized recommendations based on customers’ browsing and purchasing history, enhancing relevance and engagement at every touchpoint.

Amazon: personalized recommendations based on customers’ browsing history

6. Reliance Digital: Click & Reserve

Reliance Digital’s Click & Reserve feature enhances the customer experience by minimizing wait times and eliminating the need for extensive in-store browsing. Customers arriving at the designated store can go straight to the Click & Reserve counter to pick up their reserved product hassle-free.

At the heart of this omnichannel marketing strategy lies a seamless integration of Reliance Digital’s online platform with its extensive network of brick-and-mortar stores. 

Customers begin their journey by browsing through Reliance Digital’s comprehensive catalog of electronics, appliances, and gadgets on the website or mobile app. With a simple click, they can reserve their desired product and secure it for pickup at a designated store location.

Reliance digital: process orders faster through click & reserve feature

This integration streamlines the purchasing process, eliminating the uncertainty associated with product availability and ensuring a seamless transition from online browsing to in-store pickup. Customers enjoy the flexibility of selecting the most convenient pickup location, whether it’s near their home, office, or on their commute route.

Reliance digital: Insta delivery | Netcore cloud

7. BookMyShow: MultiChannel Ticketing

BookMyShow enables customers to book tickets for movies, events, and experiences through its website, mobile app, and offline outlets. By offering multiple touchpoints for ticket booking, BookMyShow enhances accessibility and customer engagement.

The booking platform engages users across channels like email, push notifications, WhatsApp, and more. Their content and CTAs are deep-linked, sending users directly to the page for users to complete their desired actions.

Bookmyshow: Multichannel marketing strategy | Netcore cloud

8. FlowerChimp

FlowerChimp, a Kuala Lumpur-based delivery service, caters to orders from all over the world. Their marketing strategy is a great omnichannel marketing example. It starts with the help of automated journeys, and they deploy different workflows that capture customer interest at different stages and trigger the appropriate communication on the most preferred channel to capture customer interest.

Flowerchimp: omnichannel marketing strategy | Netcore cloud

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9. FirstCry: Omnichannel Baby Registry

FirstCry’s omni-channel baby registry allows expecting parents to create and manage their baby shower wishlist online and offline. By providing a seamless registry experience, FirstCry enhances convenience and celebrates important milestones with customers. The process is detailed down below.

  • Create a baby registry online or at a brick-and-mortar store.
  • List items you wish to receive, such as strollers, swaddling wraps, and baby bottles.
  • Track and manage your registry through the store or website where it’s set up.
  • Buy items directly online if not already owned.
  • Or visit a store to scan and add items in person.
  • Use a combination of online and in-store purchasing.
  • Receive a unique URL for your registry.
  • Share the URL with friends, family, and shower guests to purchase gifts.
  • The registry automatically updates to show purchased or deleted items.
  • Modify the registry anytime by adding or removing items.
  • Friends and family select and purchase items directly from the registry.
  • Minimizes the need for gift exchanges, ensuring you receive items you actually want.

10. Lenskart: Try Online & Purchase

Lenskart’s omnichannel approach integrates its online platform with physical stores. This allows customers to schedule eye exams, try on frames virtually, and purchase online or in-store. Customers can also receive order updates and reminders via SMS and email.

Lenskart: omnichannel approach integrates its online platform with physical stores

11. Fabindia

FabIndia has successfully established a unified customer profile, amalgamating data from all touchpoints across online and offline channels such as websites, mobile apps, and messaging.

Their omnichannel marketing thoroughly analyzes customer behavior at every step of their purchasing journey. This allows them to automate crucial marketing workflows and deploy personalized campaigns at the most impactful moments, ensuring maximum effectiveness and engagement.

This strategic implementation enriches customer interactions and boosts conversion rates, streamlining our marketing efforts and enhancing overall business efficiency.

12. Nike: Integrated Retail Experience

Nike transforms the traditional retail environment into a dynamic space where exploration and discovery thrive. Customers can seamlessly transition from browsing online to experiencing products firsthand, blurring the lines between the digital and physical realms.

Nike’s mobile app is central to its integrated retail experience. Through the app, customers can access exclusive content, personalized offers, and seamless shopping experiences. 

Whether tracking their fitness goals, reserving products for in-store pickup, or receiving real-time updates on new releases, the Nike app empowers users to engage with the brand anytime, anywhere.

One of Nike’s crowning achievements in omnichannel innovation lies in its commitment to community building and brand advocacy. Through initiatives such as NikePlus, the brand cultivates a sense of belonging among its customers, inviting them to be part of a global community united by a shared passion for sport and innovation. 

From exclusive member events to personalized training programs, NikePlus elevates the customer experience, fostering deeper connections and driving brand loyalty.

Nike: Integrated retail experience | Netcore cloud

13. Sephora: Beauty Insider Program

Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is a masterclass in customer loyalty and engagement within the beauty industry. This innovative program surpasses the traditional rewards model, offering customers a multifaceted experience that extends across both online and offline channels.

Sephora: Beauty insider program | Netcore cloud

The Beauty Insider program offers members access to personalized recommendations and early previews of new products. 

Sephora tailors recommendations to individual preferences and purchase history, enhancing relevance and guiding customers to products that meet their unique beauty needs.

The program’s emphasis on exclusivity and early access to new products further incentivizes repeat purchases and advocacy among members. 

By providing members with a first look at the latest beauty trends and innovations, Sephora cultivates a sense of anticipation and excitement, driving customer loyalty and advocacy within the beauty community.

14. Fahasa: Email and Push notification 

Fahasa, Vietnam’s premier bookstore, secured a remarkable 20X ROI using our omnichannel marketing automation platform. Their marketing team capitalized on their customer database, creating automated marketing campaigns that significantly boosted customer loyalty and increased transactions.

Fahasa analyzed customer behavior & user-profile data, deploying engaging, transactional campaigns across multiple channels. These comprehensive insights allowed them to deliver personalized offers, information, and services that resonated deeply with their customers’ needs.


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15. Starbucks: Mobile Order & Pay

Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay feature enables customers to order and pay for their favorite beverages seamlessly via the mobile app.

By integrating loyalty rewards, personalized offers, and location-based notifications, Starbucks enhances the customer experience while driving foot traffic to its stores and boosting sales.

Starbucks: Mobile order and pay | Netcore cloud


In today’s marketing game, going omnichannel is key, especially for brands in the bustling world of ecommerce. It’s all about keeping things smooth and personal for customers, no matter where they hang out – online, on their phones, or in stores.

Omnichannel marketing isn’t just about convenience; it’s about building real customer connections. By seamlessly integrating different channels, brands can create tailored experiences for each person.

The goal? To keep customers hooked and coming back for more. Brands that nail omnichannel marketing become indispensable parts of people’s lives, not just transactions.

For those looking to level up their game like these omnichannel marketing examples, platforms like Netcore Cloud offer killer tools and insights. They help brands break boundaries, fostering deeper connections and engagement with customers. Book a demo to know more.

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Written By: Rengarajan Muralidharan
Rengarajan Muralidharan
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