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Benefits of Netcore’s AI-powered Web Personalization
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Personalized product recommendations

Customers expect tailor-made experiences. They wish to see recommendations based on their likes & dislikes.

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Personalization across touchpoints

Your customers demand to be treated as unique individuals in every interaction they have with your website.

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Personalized Product-Category Page

Category pages typically showcase 150 to 20,000 products. Customers only wish to see what they like.

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Recommendation widgets

Customers like recommendations only if they are shown the purposeful products. Higher CTRs mean higher conversions

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Personal Boutique

Imagine you walked into a store curated just for you. Replicate this in your online stores with curated personal boutiques for each customer.

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Personalized Ads

Relevant ads help cut through the clutter. Powered with knowledge, Netcore delivers personalized advertisements for each user.

How Does Netcore’s AI-powered web Personalization Work
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Integrate in 15 minutes

Place our JavaScript snippet on your website, share your product feed, then sit back and relax. Yes, GTM works. Yes, App SDKs are available.

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Day 5 - Go Live

With the integration complete, we go live with the personalization features for your website. Yes, we can start with 10% of visitors and grow.

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Witness results in 5 weeks

After 5 weeks, we will conduct an A/B test. You can see for yourself how web personalization impacts your revenue.

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