Top 5 App Push Notification Services for the Travel Industry
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Top 5 App Push Notification Services for the Travel Industry

Published : August 17, 2023

In today’s digitized world, capturing the attention of travelers has transformed from billboards and brochures to digital alerts and notifications.

As a permission-based medium, app push notifications have an average CTR of 4.6% (Android) and 3.4% (iOS) which is significantly more compared to emails. In fact, a solid push notification engine and strategy are almost indispensable to the mobile marketing of any brand or company.

These notifications are more than just digital pings; they’re powerful engagement drivers, personalized reminders, and real-time updates that keep travelers informed and engaged.

In this post, we’re going to journey through the top 5 app push notification service providers that are redefining the whole app push notification for the travel industry now.

Understanding the Power of App Push Notifications

In today’s digital ecosystem, where businesses compete fiercely for user attention, finding a direct communication channel that resonates with audiences can be challenging.

Enter the world of app push notifications, a potent tool that has transformed the way industries, especially the travel sector, engage with their users.

Let’s unravel the potential of the app push notification for the online travel industry.

A Quick Insight into Push Notifications

At its core, an app push notification is a real-time alert sent directly to a user’s mobile device.

But it’s not just any alert; it’s a meticulously crafted, strategic message designed to capture attention and induce action.

Leveraging a customer engagement platform, these notifications can be personalized based on the user’s behavior, preferences, and historical data.

This personal touch ensures that each message strikes a chord, whether it’s announcing a flash sale, a flight delay, or an upcoming event in a city a traveler is visiting.

But why is this real-time communication tool gaining so much traction?

The Importance of Push Notifications for the Travel Industry

The travel industry, with its vastness and dynamism, requires a robust and instantaneous medium to keep travelers informed, engaged, and satisfied. App push notification for the travel industry does precisely that. Here’s why:

Real-time Engagement:

In an industry where schedules can change at a moment’s notice and travelers need instant updates, push notifications act as the perfect ally. Whether it’s a gate change or an exclusive last-minute hotel deal, travelers stay informed on the go.

With push notifications, brands can instantly notify passengers, ensuring they don’t waste time at the wrong gate and possibly miss their flight.

Real time engagement - App push notification travel - Netcore

Personalized User Experience:

Through sophisticated customer engagement platforms, push notifications can tailor messages for individual users.

Imagine a traveler landing in Paris and receiving a notification about a must-visit patisserie just around the corner – it’s this level of personalization that enhances a traveler’s experience.

Boosting App Usage and Retention:

A relevant and well-timed push notification can encourage users to revisit the app, thereby increasing app retention rates. With the plethora of travel apps available, staying top-of-mind is crucial, and push notifications provide the edge.

Consider EaseMyTrip. A user browses romantic Parisian getaways but leaves the app without booking. The next day, a push notification nudges them with “Still dreaming of Paris? Check out these new deals!” Such timely reminders increase the chances of the user returning to the app.

App usage and retention - app push Notification for travel industry - Netcore

Strengthening Customer Loyalty:

Through consistent, valuable, and timely interactions via push notifications, travel businesses can foster stronger bonds with their users. It’s more than just communication; it’s about building trust.

Let’s continue with the EaseMyTrip example. After their fifth booking through the app, the user receives a push notification: “Thanks for your loyalty! Here’s a 10% discount on your next adventure.” Such gestures not only make users feel valued but also reinforce brand loyalty.

Enhanced Marketing Capabilities:

With the integration of customer engagement platforms, push notifications can be used for targeted marketing campaigns. Promotions, special offers, or loyalty program updates can be dispatched to specific user segments, maximizing impact.

Travel industry targeted marketing campaigns - Netcore Cloud

For example, EaseMyTrip might notice a subset of users who frequently book eco-friendly stays. They can then send this segment a notification about newly listed sustainable lodgings or eco-tours, ensuring marketing messages resonate on a personal level.

Success Story: Discover how the renowned travel booking app, EaseMyTrip, amplified their push notifications delivery by 40% to enhance user interaction within the app.

The Top 5 App Push Notification Services for the Travel Industry

1. Netcore Cloud

App push notification service for travel industry

Netcore Cloud emerges as a transformative force in the app and web push notifications and notification space, celebrated for its comprehensive suite that covers a wide spectrum, from mobile apps to web browsers and beyond. With a commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences, high deliverability, and actionable insights, Netcore Cloud stands out as a top choice for businesses that prioritize meaningful and effective customer engagement.

Why Netcore Cloud is Suitable for the Travel Industry?

Real-Time Alerts for Dynamic Updates:

Flight timings, hotel bookings, or local events – the travel world is ever-changing. Netcore Cloud’s instant notifications mean travelers are always informed and never left in the dark.

Personalized Travel Journeys:

Through its smart segmentation, travel companies can curate notifications that cater to the unique interests and plans of each traveler. Adventure seekers, luxury travelers, or budget backpackers, everyone gets notifications tailor-made for them.

Engaging Content for Teasers:

A mere text about a destination might intrigue you, but a vivid image or video can captivate. With Netcore Cloud’s rich content notifications, potential travelers can get a tantalizing preview of what awaits them.

Data-Driven Campaigns:

Analytics provided by Netcore Cloud empower travel companies to understand what works. Whether it’s discounts on beach resorts or promotional fares for flights, companies can identify and push what sells.

Global Communication with Localization:

Travel is universal, and Netcore Cloud ensures your notifications are too. Whether it’s notifying a user in Japan about cherry blossom festivals or alerting a user in Brazil about Carnival, localization ensures clarity and enhanced user engagement.

2. OneSignal

Onesignal app push notification for travel industry - Netcore Cloud

OneSignal is a dominant player in the app push notification landscape, renowned for its holistic service that covers not just mobile applications but also web browsers. Its platform is designed with a focus on ease of use, scalability, and efficiency, ensuring businesses, irrespective of their size, can leverage the power of push notifications. With a straightforward integration process and a user-centric design, OneSignal is the go-to choice for best push notifications for many seeking powerful notification capabilities.

Why OneSignal is Suitable for the Travel Industry?

Timely Alerts:

Given the dynamic nature of the travel industry with changing flight times, hotel availability, and tour schedules, OneSignal’s real-time and scheduled notifications ensure travelers are always in the loop.

Personalized Experience:

Through advanced segmentation, travel companies can send notifications tailored to a traveler’s specific interests. Whether someone prefers beach destinations or mountain treks, OneSignal ensures they receive the most relevant alerts.

Rich Media Enhances Travel Teasers:

Imagine receiving a push notification from a travel app, not just telling you about a tropical paradise but showing it with a captivating image. OneSignal’s rich media capabilities can entice users with a visual and auditory glimpse of potential destinations.

Data-Driven Insights:

The travel industry thrives on understanding user behavior. With OneSignal’s real-time analytics, travel businesses can gauge which notifications drive bookings, leading to more informed marketing strategies.

Localization for Global Travelers:

The travel industry is inherently global. With OneSignal’s localization features, a travel app can send a notification about a Parisian getaway in French to a user in France and in English to a user in the U.S., ensuring clarity and resonance.

3. Airship

Airship app push notification for travel industry - Netcore Cloud

Airship, as the name subtly implies, propels user engagement to new heights, especially in the realm of app push notifications. Pioneering solutions that are both innovative and intuitive, Airship ensures that businesses, regardless of their operational scale, have the tools they need to connect meaningfully with their audience. With a reputation for reliability and advanced analytics, Airship offers a unique blend of functionality and finesse that stands out in the crowded mobile push notifications notification market.

Why Airship is Suitable for the Travel Industry?

Timely Travel Alerts:

The travel landscape is constantly evolving. Flight delays, gate changes, or hotel check-in times—Airship’s predictive AI ensures travelers receive timely updates when they matter most.

Enhanced User Journeys:

With in-app automation, travelers can be led through a seamless journey, from booking confirmations to local recommendations, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Tailored Recommendations:

Imagine a traveler who’s shown interest in scuba diving. With dynamic content, they can receive notifications about nearby diving spots, discounts on gear, or even underwater photography tips, ensuring a personalized travel experience.

Data-Driven Marketing:

For travel companies, understanding user behavior is crucial. Airship’s real-time data streaming allows these businesses to gain instant insights, whether it’s the success of a promotional offer or tracking the most popular travel destinations.

Engagement Across Touchpoints:

Travelers often juggle between emails, SMS, and apps. Airship’s multi-channel integration ensures they receive coherent and synchronized information across all their devices, keeping them continually engaged.

4. Braze

Braze app push notification for travel industry - Netcore Cloud

Braze emerges in the digital landscape as a powerhouse in-app push notification technology. Synonymous with sophisticated, real-time engagement, Braze boasts a platform designed for today’s mobile-first world. Its holistic approach to user engagement, combined with powerful data analytics, means businesses can craft meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and drive conversions seamlessly.

Why Braze is Suitable for the Travel Industry?

Tailored Travel Journeys:

Using Canvas, travel businesses can orchestrate a traveler’s journey from initial booking to post-trip reviews, sending timely reminders, offers, and recommendations across various communication mediums.

Dynamic Travel Recommendations:

Whether it’s suggesting a seaside resort during a heatwave or a cozy mountain retreat in the winter, Liquid Personalization adjusts recommendations in real-time based on live data, ensuring travelers always receive the most relevant suggestions.

Deep Diving into Data:

The travel industry thrives on insights. With Currents, travel brands can combine Braze data with other platforms, like booking engines or customer feedback tools, to understand trends, preferences, and areas of improvement.

Engage on the Go:

Travelers are always on the move, and Braze’s Intelligent Timing ensures they receive notifications at the most opportune moments, be it a last-minute flight upgrade offer or a reminder to check out their hotel.

Seamless Global Reach:

The travel industry is global, and Braze’s worldwide infrastructure ensures every traveler, whether in Tokyo or Timbuktu, receives crisp, timely notifications.

5. LeanPlum

Leanplum mobile engagement service for travel industry - Netcore Cloud

Leanplum stands tall as a quintessential mobile marketing platform, championing the cause of tailored engagement in a mobile-first world. Its agility, powered by robust analytics, positions it as a dynamic tool in the arsenal of marketers. By delivering personalized messages based on real-time user behaviors, Leanplum fosters not just interactions with customers but meaningful connections.

Why Leanplum is Suitable for the Travel Industry?

Optimized Offers:

With its robust A/B testing, travel businesses can find the perfect balance in their offers—whether it’s the wording of a hotel discount or the timing of a flight deal—to ensure maximum bookings.

Seamless User Journeys:

Travelers crave ease. From the moment they download a travel app to their hundredth booking, Leanplum’s lifecycle campaign management ensures they are met with relevant information, offers, and reminders at every stage.

Instantaneous Insights:

The travel landscape shifts rapidly. A destination that’s trending today might not be tomorrow. Leanplum’s real-time analytics allows travel businesses to stay ahead of the curve, adjusting strategies on-the-fly based on user interactions.

Unified Communication:

Travel planning can be chaotic. With Leanplum’s omnichannel messaging, travelers can get their flight details via push, a hotel discount through in-app messaging, and sightseeing recommendations via email, all seamlessly integrated.

Hyper-Personalized Travel Experiences:

Every traveler is unique. Whether it’s a penchant for beachfront hotels or a love for historical sites, Leanplum’s dynamic personalization ensures every recommendation, offer, and even app interface is tailored to the individual’s preferences.


Imagine supercharging your travel platforms—from websites to blogs and booking portals—with a touch of creativity. Move beyond conventional email newsletters and unlock and create a new dimension of customer engagement with the unmatched prowess of a dedicated customer engagement platform.

Don’t just take our word for it. Experience firsthand the game-changing capabilities of Netcore’s advanced mobile push notification solutions.

Book a demo today, and propel your website and your travel business to a realm of unprecedented customer engagement.

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