5 reasons why AMP emails prove better at personalization
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5 reasons why AMP emails prove better at personalization

Published : November 1, 2022

Wouldn’t you like your marketing emails to be personalized – not just the name and the subject line –  but also in the content for each recipient? 

Wouldn’t that make your emails come across as a one-on-one experience and enhance your customer’s affinity for your brand?

You might already be running personalized marketing campaigns using regular HTML emails. They can be effective but AMP emails take the personalization game to a new level. What sets AMP emails apart is their capability to be all three – personalized, interactive, and dynamic. They can create customized messaging with the very latest updated content. AMP emails can also get the user to take action right within the emails. 

With absolute minimal redirects or clicks to external web pages, the drop-off rate goes down, conversion goes up, and the email campaign’s ROI increases.

In this blog, you will get actionable insights on how email marketers like you can leverage AMP emails to achieve better personalization.

1. Collect zero-party data faster

Segmentation is the key to creating better-personalized emails; effective segmentation depends on the breadth and depth of available customer data. AMP emails make it fun and engaging for the users to share their information.

AMP emails provide better ways of collecting the data:

  • Simple forms with auto-complete fields 
  • Multi-step forms to collect user preferences
  • Star ratings to understand user experiences
  • Feedback forms or NPS for user reviews
  • Survey forms for quick user responses

Businesses can collect all these and more within emails by integrating the amp-form component in them.  The amp-selector component also proves effective as it allows instant capturing of data via radio buttons (for gender, age group), checkboxes (for colors, product categories), dropdowns (for more extensive choices), etc.

2. Deliver personalized dynamic content

Dynamic amp components like amp-mustache and amp-list make it possible to customize and personalize each user’s email experience in real time. The content gets updated live by pulling in new data whenever users open the email.

Here are a few examples of dynamic elements that an AMP email can display:

  • Eligibility checks for unique offers and deals
  • Abandoned cart emails with a list of frequently purchased items
  • Product recommendations based on user profile
  • Deals based on user purchase history/loyalty criteria

Brands can connect better with users by offering products and deals according to the customers’ needs. amp-list further enhances the personalized experience by displaying real-time updates on discounted items, driving instant conversions.

3. Display maximum information in minimum space

The amp-accordion component allows embedding snippets in the form of a content outline with expandable/collapsible sections. Compressing large content into sections makes the content presentation clear and concise. Subscribers can choose the content they want to view and explore further within the email. 

The amp-accordion can compress the display of informative elements like:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Product walkthroughs
  • Terms and Conditions
  • List of user reviews

Brands can include more content within emails without causing information clutter. With more information to explore, users stay longer and interact more within the emails. The net effect is increased conversion rates and improved ROI.

4. Integrate explanatory images/GIFs

The amp-carousel can display a series of images to offer more detailed product views and information within the same horizontal space. Coupled with other elements like amp-img, it can enhance the email experience with attractive layouts and 360-degree views of products. The amp-anim component can appealing showcase products using elements like GIFs.

AMP emails can quickly capture user attention with: 

  • Product brochures with high-quality images
  • User manuals with GIFs/images covering each step
  • Screenshots of customer reviews on social media
  • Newsflash carousels for trending news stories and events  

An attractive display of images proves far more effective than textual information in capturing user attention. Users can quickly browse through detailed images to get a convincing visual experience.

5. Serve up user-preferred content

AMP emails allow brands to meet users’ choices within emails and do away with links to external web pages. Users can subscribe to a service within AMP email or choose a product from a personalized catalog.

Here are a few exciting ways to offer relevant content to the users: 

  • In-email forms to update KYC, payment details, or account preferences
  • Live chatbots to get quick answers to or explanations on queries
  • App-like product carousels to complete in-email purchases 
  • Games with rewards to add fun and excitement to user interactions

Using AMP components like amp-bind and amp-mustache, businesses can create thrilling experiences within emails. They help in building healthy customer relationships that create loyalty.

The takeaway

Email subscribers want brands to acknowledge them as distinct individuals with unique characteristics and needs. And they want to see the content of their choice in emails. AMP emails help collect the data required to profile them accurately and offer several interesting ways of personalizing and presenting the content. With their interactive and dynamic nature, AMP email campaigns drive hyper-personalized engagement and increase conversions.  

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