10 ways in which AMP emails benefit users and brands
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Jasmine Handa

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10 ways in which AMP emails benefit users and brands

Published : November 14, 2022

Fetching almost $40 for every $1 spent, email is arguably the most effective marketing channel offering the highest ROI. Email campaigns that are segmented and personalized as per the user journey give a tremendous boost to engagement. 

Conventional HTML emails have just one huge drawback – they ask users to click on a link and redirect them to an external webpage for interaction. And here’s exactly where AMP emails score big. 

Users can do everything within AMP emails: fill out a form, give a rating or feedback, search for products, book tickets, or make an appointment. 

In this blog, we will take a quick look at how AMP emails drive engagement and conversion and can benefit users and brands in different ways.

What users can do within AMP emails:

Schedule meetings and appointments

AMP emails enable users to schedule a meeting or appointment and save it in their calendars immediately. Users can also see changes/updates to the time and date (if any) whenever they reopen the AMP emails.

AMP emails prove invaluable in helping users create and manage their schedules on the go. They also do away with the need to visit multiple web pages or rely on other forms of communication for updates.

Calculate investments and insurance

AMP emails offer live calculators that let users define variables like the total tenure, monthly payments, rate of interest, final payout, etc., and compute the desired results.

Users can easily calculate the outcomes of different permutations and combinations within AMP emails. Estimated numbers encourage users to move closer to making their final choice of investments or insurance.

Search, compare, and buy products

AMP emails enable navigating through different product options based on variants of brand, price, color, size, and also filter for the ones with maximum user reviews. 

Users get a complete shopping experience right there within their inbox and make their purchase decisions quickly and easily.  AMP components also facilitate checkout and payment processes within emails.

Make bookings for travel, hotel, and events

AMP emails can attractively display a wealth of information in a limited space using image carousels, collapsible text, dropdown menus, auto-suggestions, etc. This capability makes them ideal for planning travel and events.

Users can book flight/train/bus tickets, choose seats, make meal selections, finalize the number of guests and dates for hotel accommodation, arrange local travel, and do more within their AMP emails.

Respond to invites and meet requests

AMP emails feature various response-capturing elements such as text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, calendars, and dropdown text choices. AMP emails can also display the updated number of registrations and comments from other attendees. 

Users can send in their RSVPs in a matter of seconds, mark the events and meetings in their email calendars, and set up reminders.

What brands can do within AMP emails:

Collect user feedback

AMP emails feature embedded forms and other elements to collect users’ feedback, reviews, and ratings in small, incremental steps. Forms help gather the opinions and views of actual users in real-time. 

Using AMP email responses, brands can see themselves from the users’ perspective, know their expectations, segment them, and make enhancements to offer the best experience on their website and app.

Collect zero-party data

AMP emails lay out multi-step forms with autocomplete text fields to gather quick responses. AMP emails also feature smart chatbots that speed up the collection of user data and preferences.

Using the zero-party data insights, brands can profile the users accurately and utilize intelligent segmentation to send personalized and relevant messaging to each segment of users using AMP emails.

Showcase offers, discounts, and special deals

AMP emails feature dynamic scratch cards, games, puzzles, etc., that combine well with rewards/offers for users. Countdown timers help showcase time-sensitive deals to create a sense of urgency.

With Amp emails, brands can display deals and offers using dynamic components. Combining exciting rewards with visually pleasing elements triggers higher user participation and encourages users to select and buy products instantly.

Address cart abandonment

Amp emails include image carousels, variant selectors, category dropdowns, autocomplete search bars, well-matched recommendations, and reviews for products. Quick options to fill their abandoned carts within emails encourage users to place instant orders.

Using AMP emails, brands can shorten the purchase funnel and lead users to buy from within emails. Cart completion choices coupled with payment gateway options nudge users to take action.

Show real-time tracking/updates

AMP emails fetch live data from the backend and display the latest information whenever users open emails. Real-time updates on flight/hotel information, weather alerts, stock market prices, order delivery status, items left in stock, etc., act as instant attention grabbers.

AMP emails allow brands to nudge users at appropriate times to maximize engagement. Brands can use dynamic feeds to hook users and create returning customers looking for regular updates on their preferred topics.


AMP emails are game changers in marketing for every industry. They transform how brands communicate with their users by adding meaningful and exciting elements to emails. AMP email campaigns successfully spark instant responses from users. They increase engagement and uplift revenue.

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Written By: Jasmine Handa