Web Push Notifications

Drive Engagement
with Web Push Notifications

Build customer relationships with contextual web push notifications on your website.

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Orchestrate web engagement
at scale
Bring inactive opted-in
visitors back
Solve multiple use cases
that convert and retain

Build a data-driven website engagement strategy with web push notifications

Turn visitors into customers

Reach web visitors when they aren’t active on your website across desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone
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Engage mobile web visitors

Harness cross-channel behavioral data to contextualize your messages. Create micro-moments that win

Run A/B tests to convert more

Test your notifications with smaller audiences to see which variation works best, in terms of engagement and conversion
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Deliver personalized recommendations

Trigger relevant product recommendations, content, offers, or discounts. Create purchase intent at the right time

Track performance in real-time

Monitor the live performance of your campaigns. Create segments based on user activity like products viewed, added to cart, etc.
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FAQ's on Web Push Notifications

What are web push notifications?

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These are clickable messages that appear on users’ browsers even if they’re not interacting with the website at the moment. These are a very efficient communication channel for brands and enables them to convey messages, offers, or other information to their customers. Read more here

How to send web push notifications?

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A lot of elements come together to send a single push notification. The app publisher enables its app with an operating system push notification service (OSPNS). After that, they upload the app to the app store.Once all the necessary arrangements are made, the OS offers the publishers an application programming interface (API). The publisher then adds the SDK, a code library that is made to work in conjunction with the OSPNS, to the app.

How to use web push notifications?

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Push notifications are all about capturing the customer’s attention, bringing them back on the app, and driving them to interact (and act) on your website. Here’s how you make the most out of push notifications:

  • Sending exclusive offers
  • Guiding to make a purchase
  • Sending informational content
  • Send Reminders

How to implement web push notifications?

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To build these notifications, opt for a platform that leverages proven frameworks to implement push notifications systems. Netcore uses a 4 stage approach to implementing a push notification system.

  • Stage 1 – Push amplification - This stage includes creating a unique ID for the user using Smartech’s SDK.
  • Stage 2 – Xiaomi push gateway - This triggers the notification through Xiaomi push gateway, general push amplification,
    and also through FCM.
  • Stage 3 – Boosters - Delivery boosters are unique additions that promise a 100% notification delivery rate to active users.
  • Stage 4 – Reputation Optimization - Netcore experts help you optimize the notification configuration and sender reputation.

Are web push notifications effective?

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Web push notifications are one the most effective marketing channels adopted by businesses to interact with their users. Infact, push notifications have an opening rate as high as 90%! Overall, it helps to keep users updated about any important information, exclusive offers, and eventually drives more traffic to the website. Know all about how you can get the most ROI out of push notifications here.

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