Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement Tool helped Life Pharmacy to Increase its Online Revenue by 78%

Netcore Cloud's Customer Engagement Tool helped Life Pharmacy to Increase its Online Revenue by 78%

Key Results
Increase in CRM Revenue from Automation
Increase in Conversions from Journey Automation


UAE-based Life Pharmacy started its journey in 1996 with a strong impulse to provide state-of-the-art experience in healthcare retail. Starting with one store, Life Pharmacy now has 300+ retail outlets in the UAE, consisting of Pharmacies, Healthcare Hypermarkets, and Health and Wellness stores catering to an average annual customer base of more than ten million walk-ins. Life Pharmacy is also the number one Online pharmacy in UAE. Life Pharmacy app and website are widely used across UAE for all health, fitness, and lifestyle needs.

Industry: eCommerce

Location: UAE

Category: Customer Engagement, Email, APN, Automation(Journey)

Solution used: Netcore’s Customer Engagement platform


Life Pharmacy wanted to set up automation that would minimize manual intervention when engaging with users. This automation brought its own challenges such as:

  • They needed a solution that was easy to implement and manage without requiring significant technical expertise or manual intervention.
  • To improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, they needed to improve their targeting and retargeting strategies.
  • To improve customer engagement and optimize results, the business needed to adopt an omnichannel approach to marketing campaigns.


With Netcore Cloud’s guidance, Life Pharmacy achieved its objective of proactively reaching out to users who abandoned the app during various stages of the purchase cycle.

To achieve this, Netcore Cloud narrowed down the following actionable goals: 

  1. Use an omnichannel approach, including Email and APN, to engage with these users.
  2. Set up up-sell journeys with the goal of increasing repeat purchases.

Netcore Cloud partnered with and helped them achieve their objectives with AI-led customer engagement and automation:

  • Automation: Deployment of web and email automation, such as a series of welcome mailers and messages. These also went out to inactive users to re-engage them.
  • Journeys: Automated journeys with different workflows captured customer interest at different stages and triggered the appropriate communication channel to garner action
  • Contextual web push notifications: These reached web visitors even when they were not active on the website
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