bigbasket leverages Netcore’s email marketing and AI engine to achieve a 159% uplift in engagement and reactivate 20% of dormant users

bigbasket leverages Netcore’s email marketing and AI engine to achieve a 159% uplift in engagement and reactivate 20% of dormant users

Key Results
Uplift in user reachability
Of dormant users reactivated
Uplift in engagement

Company: bigbasket is India’s largest online food and grocery store with 18,000+ products from over 1000 brands. They deliver groceries, fresh produce, and household essentials directly to customer doorsteps in 20+ cities. Every product from bigbasket comes with the trusted touch of TATA excellence.


Industry: Online Grocery

Location: India

Solution used: Email Marketing


bigbasket wanted to expand their reach and boost engagement to create a vibrant community of customers that would become brand advocates and influencers. They also aimed at reactivating users that were dormant and unresponsive to marketing campaigns.

Primary Challenges

  • Increasing user reachability
  • Engaging with dormant users
  • Uplifting user engagement
  • Upholding domain health



bigbasket collaborated with Netcore to scale up their email campaigns and increase customer engagement. Netcore guided them through smart segmentation, content creation, and leveraging AI. bigbasket also incorporated several email innovations that boosted brand recognition and interactions while strengthening their domain health and reputation.

  • Smart segmentation
  • Netcore and the bigbasket team enriched the database and collaborated to execute a robust campaign strategy to widen reach and user interactions.

    Smart segmentation ensured that those engaging with emails advanced to active segments, while dormant users underwent targeted efforts for gradual reactivation.

  • Compelling and captivating content
  • Contest-driven campaigns were designed to increase user engagement at a regular and steady pace.

    Monthly participation from 50 users sharing recipes served as a positive reinforcement for the brand.

  • The Raman AI Engine
  • In-house AI Engine, Raman, was deployed to strategize and execute Send Time   Optimization (STO) and Subject Line Optimization (SLO). This resulted in highly refined communication and enhanced campaign delivery as per customers’ preferred time for engagement with emails.

  • Email innovations
  • GIFs in email drove engagement through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, enhancing brand recognition and campaign success.
    A/B testing in email marketing optimized content, subject lines, and design elements, boosting open rate by 70%.

  • Consistent domain health
  • Strict adherence to email hygiene best practices upheld domain health, resulting in a strong domain reputation and an 85% inbox placement rate.

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