Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion achieved 50% revenue increase via web-push by implementing ‘Smart BPNs’

Key Results
8.9% Increase
Increase in
push notifications click rate
14.28% Increase
Increase in cart additions
from BPN clicks
32.41% Increase
Increase in cart additions
to BPN visits ratio
4.7% Increase
Increase in number of orders placed through push notifications
Nykaa is a unicorn startup, and as of 2020, was valued at US$1.2 billion.
Redundancy, Opt-in, Real-Time Data
Solution Used:
Marketing Automation, Browser Push Notifications


  • Browser Push Notifications (BPNs) had poor customer attention and interaction
  • Poor performance despite the great deals on offer
  • BPN promotions were only text based due unsatisfactory results from using images
  • Inconsistent image rendering across browsers for BPNs

Netcore’s Strategy

Problem Assessment

  • Low engagement on BPNs
  • Aspect ratios of BPN images were incorrect
  • Image placement was an issue
  • Low redemption rates for the deals that were promoted

Solutions Provided

  • Redefined and designed the BPN channel
  • De-coded the right dimensions for images to be used in BPNs
  • Advised the accurate text and image size ratios
  • The deals on offer were accentuated in both image, text, and color
  • Provided consulting on right placement of text and images
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