How to create AMP emails that chat with users and offer support
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Jasmine Handa

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How to create AMP emails that chat with users and offer support

Published : February 3, 2023

We’ve spoken plenty about the interactive and dynamic capabilities of AMP email. We have published several benchmark articles that dissect, analyze, and showcase how AMP emails can skyrocket the ROI of your email marketing campaigns, no matter what your industry.

Here’s a quick summary of how much more AMP components can do than just present images and GIFs AMP enables product search and payment, embed surveys and forms, and ratings and reviews right inside emails. Our library of AMP blogs shows there is always an AMP component/s that you can use to make every stage of the customer journey delightful.

And there’s even more!

AMP emails can go beyond the genesis of the customer journey and engage people for instant interaction using chatbots.

Sounds interesting?

You can implement chatbots within your AMP marketing emails to facilitate interactive communication with customers—whether to resolve queries and/or get actionable insights into their preferences, needs, and wants.

In this article, we discuss scripted chatbots and give you detailed information on some of the most proven chatbots and how to integrate them within AMP emails. Use AMP emails with chatbots to improve the user experience for your leads and customers.

What are chatbots?

Note: In this blog, we’re talking about scripted chatbots, not AI-driven ones or live chat functions that require human agents to interact at the other end of the conversation.

Scripted chatbots follow a predefined conversational flow. Think of all the times you visited a site, and a chatbot popped up with several question/query options for you to click on. Those are scripted chatbots.

Here’s how it works: you pick an option, and the chatbot throws up a series of further options to narrow your query until you get the exact information you need. Generally, chatbots are equipped with frequently asked questions so that most people can get their doubts/curiosities answered without having to talk to a human agent.

To give an analogy, think of how Interactive Voice Response works on a phone call. When you call your bank’s mobile banking option, you hear a voice saying, “Press 1 for a detailed account statement”, “Press 2 to apply for a credit card.”, etc. Chatbots work on the same logic.

Now you can offer the same convenience within AMP emails. Users no longer have to move out of their inboxes and navigate to a webpage to connect to chatbots.

Benefits of scripted chatbots inside AMP emails

  • Increased customer engagement: Chatbots ensure that customers get an immediate response to their question unless the question is very specialized and requires human insight. When relevant answers are delivered instantly within email, customers are more likely to connect better and develop a positive impression about your brand.

  • Lower customer service costs: Chatbots are automatic and work 24/7 inside AMP emails. Therefore, implementing scripted chatbots leads to significant savings on customer service/support personnel. However, we’re not saying you can cut out human chat intervention entirely.
    Chatbots within emails can tackle almost all the frequently asked questions, address common queries, and help users navigate to the relevant information.  This frees up human chat agents for more critical responses.

  • Better customer insights: All chatbot interactions within AMP emails are recorded and can be studied to gain insights into what customers are asking, what they care about, and what their primary concerns are. You can also collect feedback and generate customer profiles for implementing improvements to your product, UI, or UX.

  • Positive customer experiences: In a world of instant gratification, customers want instant responses and issue resolution. Chatbots in AMP emails go a long way in facilitating this. They deliver a personalized experience, prevent customer drop-offs, and save significant time.

  • Scaling up support function: Anytime your website traffic surges due to a new product/service launch or a change announcement, there is  an explosive increase in support requests. This creates immense pressure on human chat agents. A well-thought-out chatbot within AMP email can help mitigate such spikes in support requests.

  • Easier customer onboarding: You can simplify customer onboarding with chatbots. Instead of sharing a tutorial video with them, create a chatbot that pops up in your welcome email to guide with the next steps. Customers will appreciate the convenience of finding instant help within AMP email.

Summing up

Chatbots, across industries, can add significant value to AMP emails. Using the amp-form, amp-selector, amp-bind, and amp-list components, you can insert a wide variety of in-email chatbots that solve problems and guide your customers. Apart from enhanced customer engagement, they also increase customers’ affinity for your emails.

Read our detailed, step-by-step blogs on the amp-form, amp-selector, amp-bind, and amp-list components to know more.

Combine in-email chatbots with the dynamic capabilities of other AMP components, and you’ll see the ROI on your AMP email marketing campaigns shooting up in no time.

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Written By: Jasmine Handa