12 customer engagement examples and why they work
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12 customer engagement examples and why they work

Published : July 4, 2024

Today, customer loyalty is more valuable than ever. Having a great product is only one part of growth. You must build strong relationships with your customers to keep them interested and engaged with your brand. That’s where customer engagement comes in.

This blog will cover 12 customer engagement examples that will inspire you to build better connections with your customers.. We’ll teach you how to develop touchpoints that engage with your audience and build long-lasting relationships, from gamified experiences and omnichannel reactivation efforts to personalized welcome rewards.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is about building relationships with your customers across different touchpoints to keep them interested in your brand and products.

These engagements not only make each interaction more consistent and meaningful but also give you valuable insights into what your customers really want and need. Mastering customer engagement is a must for any brand looking to stay ahead of the curve.

The statistics are clear: 84% of brands that prioritize enhancing the customer experience see a revenue bump of 4% to 8% over their competitors. The goal here is simple – deliver more than what your customers expect from your products or services. It’s all about crafting those “aha” moments that turn satisfaction into delight.

12 Customer Engagement Examples Brands Use to Win Big

Good customer engagement examples can inspire brands to discover new ideas. We’re confident that our selection will help you do the same. Let’s explore the examples below.

1. Offer customers welcome rewards

91% of customers are likelier to shop with brands providing relevant offers. This is a great way to boost sales since this will further encourage customers to purchase products they already want to buy.

Customer Engagement Examples

Nars Cosmetics offers personalized deals and coupons to first-time visitors. This also acts as the building block of their personalization strategy since they collect data from new subscribers. With customer data in hand, brands can engage with them by sending personalized recommendations, offers, and discounts in emails.

2. Onboard and activate customers with app push notifications and nudges

86% of customers are more likely to be loyal if they receive ongoing education and support. An easy onboarding experience means the customer is set up, activated, and ready to use your app.

Checkout how TVS credit uses app push notifications to inform of that leads to a nudge inside the app for onboarding new users.

pp push notifications and nudges pp push notifications and nudges

Create and deploy stunning app push notifications in minutes with Netcore’s no-code platform.

Create and deploy stunning app push notifications in minutes with Netcore’s no-code platform.

3. Guide them to their first purchase with push notifications and Nudges

There are numerous occasions when customers add products to the cart but exit without checking out and purchasing. On your brand’s mobile app, showing a notification can have higher visibility than a web notification.

63% of retailers could not bring cart abandonment rates below 60% before personalization.

push notifications

4. Upsell and cross-sell

Upselling is the practice of offering a consumer a more profitable or luxurious version of a product they are viewing or thinking of purchasing. By understanding the psychology of customers and learning the best ways to upsell, brands can make the most of this strategy and increase the average order value and revenue per user.

push notifications

It is important to up-sell in a very subtle manner. Maybelline does this by showcasing the value and benefits of similar products and recommending higher-end versions of the product.

Mac cross-sells by showing that can work well with a product the customer is buying.

Upsell and cross-sell by Netcore

5. Get feedback on purchases

Post purchase feedback is important to understand the customer experience. It can be a simple WhatsApp responses. Or a larger survey in the whole experience of purchasing, store selection, all to know if the customer is satisfied and would repurchase.

Post purchase customer experience

6. Gamify customer engagement

Gamifying customer engagement makes it interesting for them to engage more with your app. They play a quick game and get offers in the process.

Gamify customer engagement

7. American Eagle: Omnichannel engagement

Engaging on one channel or multiple channels at once has it’s limitations. A multichannel approach is disconnected different channels and omnichannel is connecting different channels to achieve a specific goal.

Here we see an example of a brand showing a web push notification then following up with email then on WhatsApp to get the user to complete a purchase.

Omnichannel engagement

Download: The State of Multi-Channel Marketing – Marketing channels that are important for driving business growth in the future

8. Omnichannel recommendations

Omnichannel recommendations takes the above a step further with personalized recommendations across channels. Imagine your customers purchasing from your stores and getting relevant recommendations on push notifications, emails, and WhatsApp. Customers are more likely to view and purchase when the recommendations are personalized and on omnichannel.

personalization and  omnichannel

Effortlessly manage all channels in one place with Netcore’s omnichannel customer engagement platform.

9. Reactivate dormant customers with RCS

Sometimes, even after omnichannel engagement, users don’t come back. RCS is a perfect new channel for situations like this. It’s a much better version of SMS, where you can send rich media and personalized offers to customers.

Reactivation app push notifications

Reactivation can also be done with app push notifications as seen below in a Swiggy push notification.

Swiggy push notification

10. Reactivate churned customers with WhatsApp

But what if some of your customer segments are not just dormant but have churned? No repeat purchases in a long time or even uninstalled your app.

Here, you want to use a channel with a high reach, like WhatsApp, to maximize your chances of bringing them back.

Reactivate churned customers with WhatsApp

11. Predict churn and engage with personalized cart abandonment messages

You can go one step back and address churn before it happens with AI tools. Netcore’s AI predicts which customers are likely to churn or uninstall your app in the coming weeks.

Predictive segments

Once you have these predicted segments from AI, run campaigns on them to arrest churn before it happens.

For example, recommend a single product with free shipping to warm the customer to your brand again.

personalized cart abandonment messages

Bonus: 12. Unexpected customer delight

Everyone likes being surprised, and Myntra nails this with a delightful offer on an anniversary. But this isn’t an anniversary in the customer’s life but the first year since they placed an order with Myntra.

Unexpected customer delight

Tips for implementing customer engagement strategies

You have your segments, channels, campaigns, and content. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when implementing these customer engagement marketing strategies.

Know Your Customers

  • Mapping their usual points of contact with your business will help you understand their journey. From first cognizance to acquisition and beyond. This makes engagement more customized at every level.
  • Gather feedback: Actively ask for customer feedback through surveys, reviews, and social media interactions. Use this to understand their needs and, more importantly, preferences and consent for which channels they’re open to receiving communications.

Be relevant:

  • Segment your audience based on attributes and behavior. This allows for finer targeting with relevant communications.
  • Use customer data to personalize your communication, product recommendations, and offers. Or use an AI tool like ours.

Focus on Communication:

  • Omnichannel approach: Be present on the channels your customers use most, like email, social media, and messaging apps. Identify this with Netcore’s Preferred Channel.
  • Content is king: Create valuable and informative content that educates, entertains, and keeps customers engaged with your brand.
  • Experiment and test: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different engagement strategies. A/B test different approaches to see what resonates best with your audience and scale what works.


Customer engagement goes way beyond firing off emails or WhatsApp messages—it’s about genuinely connecting with your customers, making sure they feel heard and valued. All the customer engagement examples we’ve covered can be effectively implemented using our all-in-one customer engagement platform.

By leveraging these strategies, you’re not just meeting needs, but also nurturing a loyal customer base that fuels long-term growth and success. So, start building bridges with your audience. Watch your customer engagement soar as you tap into the powerful tools provided by our platform. Want to see how Netcore Cloud can transform your customer engagement efforts? Book a demo today.

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Written By: Prasad Ramesh
Prasad Ramesh
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