Ecommerce Personalization Benchmark Report 2021

Ecommerce Personalization Benchmark Report 2021

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Change in the eCommerce environment is accelerating at a faster pace than ever before. Customers now expect and demand an ever-more personalized shopping experience. However, the concept of personalization can have a very different meaning to retailers and customers alike, which is resulting in different levels of customized experiences across the eCommerce landscape.

In order to help eCommerce players navigate the current environment, Netcore partnered with Wakefield Research to conduct a survey of retailers and consumers to gain deeper insight into personalization goals and challenges.

Thus, we bring you “Ecommerce Personalization Benchmark Report 2021,” – which sums up the changes in customer preferences as they expect a personalized customer experience from all the brands.

In this report you will learn about:

  • The steps retail marketplaces and brands are taking to personalize the shopper experience
  • Benchmark on retailers’ key eCommerce metrics and the real impact of personalization
  • Key challenges that companies are encountering in their efforts to achieve a fully personalized shopper experience
  • The areas that eCommerce leaders are focusing on to keep pace with future personalization trends
  • The personalization demands from customers, and the consequences of not meeting their needs


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