Should you send AMP emails ?
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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Should you send AMP emails ?

Published : June 29, 2022

In 2015, Google announced its new framework, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). In 2019, this framework was extended to revolutionize emails, sparking a huge interest.

The question on many marketers’ minds is: Should you AMP up your email? How much value would it add to the email? Let’s find out here. 

First, let’s look at what you get with AMP for email :

  • Interactive emails
  •      Users can interact with different AMP components and elements like forms within the      email instead of a landing page or an app. inline_img_12
  • Interesting layout options
  •      AMP emails can be designed with features like carousels, cards, accordions, and      dropdowns.


  • Real-time data updates
  •       Brands can add dynamic data like countdown timers, personalized prices, discounts, etc. inline_img_12
  • Quizzes and gamification
  •       Brands can embed interactive quizzes and gamify personalized offers in an AMP email. inline_img_12
  • Calendar and appointment booking
  •       Users can book appointments within the AMP email, which gets saved in the device’s       calendar. inline_img_12
  • Make edits after sending the email
  •       Brands can update the information in the same AMP email instead of sending another       email.

    What is AMP for email?

    AMP’s goal is to speed up page load times on mobile. For email, though, AMP has a different agenda.

    AMP for email allows users to interact within the email, just like a website or an app. It makes email more engaging by displaying interactive and dynamic content.

    components of AMP email

    There are many benefits of AMP for emails. Yet, there are a few limitations too. Let’s find out below.

    1) Not supported by all email clients

    Currently, there are only four AMP supporting email clients. They won’t work on unsupported email clients like Outlook. 

    However, there’s a way around it. Every AMP email is sent along with a fallback version. This basic HTML version of the email is viewed on unsupported clients.

    [Visual on the other side showing logos and names of four AMP supporting email clients – Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, and FairEmail]

    AMP supported email clients

    2) Integrations and setup required

    AMP emails are not like regular emails. Every brand needs to get its domain whitelisted before it can deliver AMP emails. There may be integrations required on the brand side too.

    Do note, though, that these are just one-time integrations. Netcore Cloud can execute this process, making it easier for you to roll out AMP for emails.

    AMP email integrations

    3) Limited performance tracking

    Within AMP emails, the user interacts with the elements and components of the email. Such interactions could extend beyond link clicks. For example, hovering on a section can open a dropdown menu. These AMP email engagements may not be measurable.

    However, the interactivity of AMP emails is proven to drive engagement and sales–what ultimately matters for brands is conversions and better ROI.

    AMP email engagement

    4) Writing codes with the AMP framework

    AMP emails are richer than plain HTML emails. Typically, interactive features make use of JavaScript codes. This can make coding more complicated than regular emails.

    To avoid such a manual task, brands can use readymade AMP email templates. Netcore Cloud can help you with custom templates for your brand, helping you create AMP emails in minutes.

    AMP HTML email

    Here’s how you use AMP for email despite the challenges :

    • Unsupported clients receive the fallback HTML email
    • One-time integration process with the help of Netcore Cloud
    • Use Netcore Cloud’s custom AMP email templates
    • Create AMP emails using a drag-and-drop editor

    So, are you looking to implement interactive emails ?

    Netcore Cloud’s AMP-powered email campaign can uplift your email program and boost your ROI. Our email wizards can help you assess, analyze, strategize, and achieve email marketing goals. Connect with us to understand how you can benefit from our expertise and experience – we send over 17 billion emails a month for businesses across 18 countries.

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    Written By: Puneet Mahajan
    Puneet Mahajan
    Senior Product Specialist