Wakanow achieves a 200% increase in monthly revenue

Key Results
Increase in monthly sales
Increase in BPN subscribers

Company: Wakanow is an African online travel agency providing both local and international travel solutions 


Industry: Travel

Location: Africa

Category: Customer Engagement

Solutions Used: Customer Engagement


  • Unable to contact off-site customers: Once the customer left the Wakanow website, there wasn’t any option to contact them since the existing MarTech solution wasn’t omnichannel
  • Increasing bounce rates: Lack of relevant offers meant that were drop-offs which increased bounce rates
  • Low Conversions: As a combination, low website engagement resulted in low conversions

Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement solution helped Wakanow by: 

  • Deploying segmentation: Segmentation helped segment users basis both onsite and channel engagement to help with sending the right web messages and web push notifications.
  • Web messages: Web messages were used to prompt users to complete transactions, exit intent pop-ups were used to reduce website bounces.
  • Browser Push notification: Well-timed browser push notifications were used to engage users with the latest deals and discounts for flight and hotel ticket bookings.
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