The Anatomy of Success with Web Push Notifications – Netcore + Nykaa Fashions
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The Anatomy of Success with Web Push Notifications – Netcore + Nykaa Fashions

Published : September 18, 2020
The Anatomy of Success with Web Push Notifications

When it comes to channels which excite a marketer’s drive for higher revenues, Web Push Notifications typically don’t figure into most lists. But this long-ignored channel ended up helping a leading online fashion store from India, Nykaa Fashion, to increase their sales despite the slowing demand across the eCommerce space due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Background on Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion is a one-stop destination for designer women’s clothing. Their belief in finding beauty in diversity led to them shelving the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of one that celebrates differences, of every kind. They celebrate a women-first, in which no matter the style, size, or spending power, they want each woman who shops with Nykaa Fashion to feel welcome, inspired, and excited. This has resulted in the housing of over 500 labels and 75,000 styles which encourages the harmonious cohabitation of lesser-known brands with luxe and high-street names.

The Fashion Challenge

Nykaa Fashion and Netcore united in an effort to improve the revenue potential of a channel, and the channel we chose was Web Push Notifications. The challenges that faced us were unique. Despite the amazing discounts on offer, customers typically ignored these notifications. While this might be attributed to the fact that most Web Push Notifications sent were text-based, Nykaa Fashion had tried running image-based notifications, with unsatisfactory results.

Measuring Up

With an analysis we soon found a possible reason as to why Nykaa Fashion’s image based Web Push Notifications didn’t work as planned. The sizes were inappropriate, causing an inconsistent rendering across various browsers. While the image might look great in Chrome, it would look stretched in Firefox and Safari. We also discovered that while Nykaa Fashion provided great discounts, they weren’t well advertised in their Web Push Notifications. We believed that if the offers were given primary focus, Nykaa Fashion would achieve a much higher conversion rate. And with that in hand, we got to work.

Fit for the Runway

Our team from Netcore realized that we needed to redefine and redesign the channel for it to work to the potential it had.

First, we started simple. We decoded the right dimensions that needed to be used in Web Push Notifications. These dimensions would ensure that the images looked great in all browsers.

Second, we defined the ratio of sizes for images to the size of the text in a Web Push Notification. These ratios ensured that neither the text nor the image overpowered the other. It would also ensure that a customer’s attention would be grabbed by the image and the text would have enough space and size to give the complete information on the discounts on offer.

Third, we made sure that the creatives that we had in place for these Web Push Notifications accentuated the discounts on offer. For this we worked on the placement of the text and image, such that the offer was obvious at the first glance. We also used contrasting colors, making the image and the text easily readable in every monitor despite the contrast or brightness settings that might be set in place.


A Sample Web Push Notifications

A Sample Web Push Notifications

Despite the pandemic, which saw a drop in overall purchases for all fashion retailers, Nykaa Fashion experienced a spike from their Web Push Notifications. The spike was directly attributed to the implementation of Netcore’s suggested strategy to Web Push Notifications.

The Numbers?

  • 8.9% increase in Web Push Notifications click rate.
  • 14.28% increase in cart additions from Web Push Notifications clicks.
  • 4.7% increase in the number of orders placed through Web Push Notifications.
  • 32.41% increase in cart additions to Web Push Notifications visits ratio.
  • 50% increase in revenue via web-push as a channel.

An oft ignored channel has now become a profitable one for Nykaa. Smartech’s tools and team will continue to help eCommerce brands achieve higher numbers through even the most unlikely of channels. Be sure to contact us to know how we can help you.

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