Nykaa Fashion

Raman, helps Nykaa Fashion improve email open rates by 36%

Key results
36% Increase
Uplift in email open rate
Nykaa Fashion is an Indian lifestyle retailer of beauty, wellness, and fashion products
Fashion, Beauty and Cosmetics
Solution Used:
Netcore Email, Raman AI


  • Though the Nykaa team put in a lot of effort in Subject Line Optimization and to send out creative and engaging email campaigns to their customers, they noticed that their email open rates & click rates were below industry benchmark
  • They wanted to engage their customer base more to get them to open more emails and thus increase the chances of conversions
  • They were also not sending time-specific emails and wanted to send more targeted emails to increase open rates

Netcore’s Strategy

Netcore’s AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation suite empowered Nykaa Fashion to:

  • Harness our AI Engine, Raman’s Send Time Optimization (STO) feature to analyze each active customer’s historical interaction and responsiveness to email campaigns
  • Identify the right or most preferred time to engage with individual customers via email campaigns
  • Boost customer engagement in terms of increased open and click rates, by optimizing the send-times of their email campaigns consistently
  • Raman’s advanced Machine Learning algorithms such as “K-Means” for Clustering and“Gradient Boost” for Classification bring the power of STO to life


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