Mayani witnesses an 8.6X boost in feature adoption using Netcore’s no-code Product Experience platform

Key results:
Boost in feature adoption

Company: Mayani is an agri-ecommerce platform that helps rural farming and fishing communities with market access for distributing quality products to customers


Industry: Agri-ecommerce

Location: Philippines

Category: Product Experience

Solution used: Netcore no-code Product Experience


Mayani offers a wide range of features to its users. However, one of the most critical features – the loyalty program remained undiscovered and less adopted.

Same was the case with another newly launched feature – Grand Bagsakan page.

Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

To drive contextual feature discovery and adoption, Mayani leveraged Netcore’s no-code Product Experience platform to deploy no-code nudges like tool-tips and spotlights to specific user segments and increase adoption.

To further measure the impact of nudges, Mayani conducted rapid low-code A/B tests on the loyalty program feature.

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