BYJU’S achieves a whopping 1/3rd increase in feature discovery and adoption using Netcore’s no-code Product Experience platform

Key Results:
Increase in the number of students performing the ‘ask a doubt’ goal


Founded in India in 2011, BYJU’S is a global edtech company with a base of 4.5 million + Monthly Active Users, providing highly adaptive, engaging, and effective learning solutions for students around the world.

Industry: Education technology 

Location: India

Category: Product Experience 

Solution used: Netcore no-code Product Experience


Lack of discovery of the Q&A feature resulted in lower adoption rates and further impacted the overall learning experience 

Netcore Cloud’s Strategy: 

Netcore’s no-code Product Experience platform helped BYJU’S by: 

  • Enabling them to conduct low-code A/B tests across segment-specific user journeys 
  • Empowering them with a fully no-code tool to deploy a spotlight nudge on the Q&A feature and encourage users to perform the ‘ask a doubt’ action 
  • Measuring the nudge-level impact on user actions and overall feature adoption
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