Goibibo reactivates 15% of their dormant users in six months, with Netcore’s AMP emails

Goibibo reactivates 15% of their dormant users in six months, with Netcore’s AMP emails

Of the total user base in the inactive segment targeted
Of the dormant users reactivated within six months

Company: Launched in 2009, Goibibo is India’s leading online travel brand, providing the broadest range of flight, hotel, train, cab, bus, holiday, forex, and travel insurance services. Goibibo’s core value differentiator is its user experience, renowned for the quickest search, booking, and payment along with the fastest settlement/refund processes.

Website: https://www.goibibo.com/

Industry: Travel

Location: India

Solution used: AMP Emails, Email Marketing


Goibibo wanted to enhance mission-critical factors like inbox placement, engagement metrics, and reactivation of dormant users.

Primary Challenges:

  • Mail scoring
    • Segmenting untouched base
    • Scoring a huge dataset
  • Maintaining the inbox
    • Tracking the active status of segments
    • Improving email deliverability


    Offer a robust infrastructure and IP reputation

    Goibibo leveraged Netcore’s robust infrastructure and high-reputation IPs to improve campaign outcomes. Netcore suppressed delivery to users not engaging with emails sent in the last 45 days and monitored the IP reputation daily to ensure it stayed high.

    Scale up reactivation campaigns

    Goibibo consulted Netcore to improve its scale-up plan while maintaining high campaign performance. Netcore sent engaging emails targeted at dormant users every day to reactivate them. Detailed daily performance reports with actionable insights from Netcore helped Goibibo to measure and improve the campaign outcomes.

    Leverage email innovations

    Goibibo implemented Netcore’s recommendation to deploy AMP emails. Besides being unique and compelling, AMP emails boosted user engagement with appealing visual elements like GIFs. They also featured countdown timers that created FOMO and a sense of urgency among users to claim special Goibibo offers.


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