Netcore Cloud enables GCash to achieve a 50% increase in click rates and a 30% rise in open rates

Key Results
Increase in click rates
Rise in open rates
Growth in email volume

About : Founded in 2004, GCash is the #1 e-wallet payment system in the Philippines and has its headquarters in Manila.  With one out of every three Filipinos using GCash, the financial app leads the industry in providing secure and smooth cashless payment transactions.

Industry: Fintech

Location: Philippines

Category: Send Time Optimization

Solution used: Netcore Cloud’s Email


During the pandemic, GCash saw a huge spike in subscriptions for their app. However, the open and click rates of their email campaigns were plateauing in relation to the increasing user base. GCash’s goal, after the acquisition of subscribers, was to make them engage better and become loyal customers. 

The primary challenges were:

  • Increasing open rates
  • Increasing click rates
  • Growing user interaction


Netcore Cloud proposed that GCash improve messaging by sending tailor-fit offers to customers based on specific behavior, needs and wants. The email campaigns sent through Netcore Cloud also used AI and Send Time Optimization to boost user engagement. 

Send Time Optimization

GCash leveraged the power of Netcore Clouds’ AI to deliver relevant content at the time when customers were most likely to access their emails. Receiving emails at the right time encouraged users to click and engage more.

Customer Data Segmentation

Netcore Cloud also helped GCash adopt the Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) segmentation of customers. The behavioral analysis technique helped GCash to identify active and in-training users and build appropriate campaigns for them.

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