Netcore Cloud helps Vietnam’s second-largest job portal transform from 100% spam rate to 40% open rate while achieving an 8X increase in email volume.

Key Results
Increase in open rate
Increase in volume
Decrease in spam rate


Vietnam’s second-largest job portal is headquartered in the US and has a strong presence in 70 countries, including the US and Canada, and others in South America and Asia. With more than 2 million jobs and 200 million job seekers, they are one of the largest job portals in the world.

Job Portal/Employment


A/B testing, Segmentation

Solution used:
Email, Journey, sFTP, RFM analytics, Web Integration, Segmentation


With the phenomenal growth in the number of jobs listed and job seekers, adapting the emailing to match the agile changes in marketing was proving difficult. The client needed to set up automations throughout the user journey and discontinue broadcast emailing.

The primary challenges were:

  • Staying out of the spam folder
  • Segmenting the deliveries
  • Increasing the sent volumes
  • Increasing the open rates



Netcore Cloud helped the client build up the domain reputation by studying the user journey and targeting users according to the different stages. Every user received automated, relevant communication as per their stage of the journey. 

Based on the Netcore Cloud team’s recommendations, the client could unify the jobseeker’s data and engage email users with RFM segmentation. They started with the recent/most active audience and later expanded to the rest. 

Under the guidance of Netcore Cloud, the client applied the A/B testing to find the template that worked the best. Once the short-term trial proved successful, the pattern was expanded over a longer time frame to improve the opens. 

The Netcore Cloud team advised the client to prioritize on target openers of the recent RFMs, new email openers, and inactive users. The client was able to maintain the optimal ratio of active to inactive users in their campaigns.

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