ShippingCart achieves a 450% increase in click rates and an 83% increase in open rates with Netcore Cloud’s Send Time Optimization.

Key Results
Increase in click rates
Increase in open rates


ShippingCart is the fastest-growing cross-border delivery service in Southeast Asia and is based in Manila. It provides global shipping services to people in the Philippines and Malaysia that wish to shop from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, and Australia. 

Delivery Services


Send Time Optimization

Solution used:
Customer Engagement and Experience


During the pandemic’s peak, the Philippines and Malaysia experienced a massive boost in online retail and delivery, especially for products from overseas. ShippingCart had to ramp up their customer engagement and increase conversions to stay ahead of the ever-growing competition.

The primary challenges were:

  • Increase the open rates
  • Increase the click rates
  • Find better campaign send times



ShippingCart worked closely with the Netcore team to identify the right send times: earlier, they did not have any fixed time to send the email campaigns. Netcore Cloud helped the brand formulate send time optimization (STO) strategies based on data analysis and insight. In two months, ShippingCart was able to drive a vast improvement in their click rates and open rates.

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