Thi Truong Si

AI-led product recommendations helped Thi Truong Si’s E-commerce website generate 254% more leads on their home page

Key results
254% Increase
Increase in leads generated on
the Home Page via personalized widgets
154% Increase
Increase in CTRs
via personalized widgets
103% Increase
Increase in leads generated on the
Product Display Page via personalized widgets
30% Increase
Increase in total website
leads generated via personalized widgets
Thi Truong Si is the largest Online Wholesale Marketplace in Vietnam. They help suppliers and retailers with buying and selling goods nationwide.
Product Recommendations
Solution Used:
Netcore Personalization


  • Inability to maximize their monthly website traffic to generate more leads
  • Inability to provide and highlight relevant product recommendations based on unique customer tastes and preferences
  • Low CTRs on different pages across their website weren’t producing the most optimal results
  • Difficulty in tracking performance in the absence of an intelligent website personalization solution

Netcore’s Strategy

Netcore’s AI-led product recommendations helped Thi Truong Si to:

  • Harness our AI engine, Raman, to deploy relevant product recommendations to personalize the e-shopping experience
  • Increase the chances of generating leads with personalized widgets across the website: Home Page, Product Display Page, Product Listing Page
  • Understand customer behaviour, preferences, and intents across platforms and channels through our Advanced Analytics Module
  • Use Clickstream data of website visitors to predict what individual customers were most likely to click on next
  • Highlight the right products at the right time to the right customers on the website for maximum engagement
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