Cleartrip achieves a 410% increase in clicks with dynamic mailers powered by Netcore’s AMP for email

Cleartrip achieves a 410% increase in clicks with dynamic mailers powered by Netcore’s AMP for email

Key Results
Increase in clicks
(compared to the regular mailers)

Company: Launched in July 2006, Cleartrip is headquartered in Bengaluru and is one of India’s fastest-growing online travel technology companies. With an aggressive plan to emerge as a leading innovator in the industry, Cleartrip combines intuitive products with a customer-centric approach and a wide selection of flights and hotels, offering convenience, choice, and competitive prices to its customers.


Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Location: India

Solution Used: Email Marketing, AMP Emails


Cleartrip needed innovative email marketing campaigns to stand out in a crowded market, capture customers’ attention, and boost conversion.

Primary challenges:

  • Increase user traffic to the website and app
  • Improve interaction and engagement
  • Enhance conversion from email campaigns
  • Establish seamless communication across touchpoints.



Netcore recommended moving away from traditional marketing emails and adopting interactive campaigns to spark curiosity and drive user interaction.

  • In-email gamification:
  • Cleartrip ran the ‘Spin the Wheel’ gamified email campaign powered by Netcore’s AMP technology. The interactive AMP emails invited users to play the game and win exclusive discounts on flights and hotels; they also had other surprises in store for the users that increased repeat engagement.

  • Subject line optimization:
  • Netcore guided Cleartrip in optimizing subject lines with catchy phrases. These aroused curiosity in the recipients and encouraged them to open and interact with the emails.

  • Mobile optimization:
  • Cleartrip’s email marketing campaigns featured stunning visual elements of fun and excitement. They optimized the content and design of the dynamic emails for mobile devices as guided by Netcore.

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