Africa’s Leading Bank Ensures Delivery of Transactional Emails within 2 Seconds & Improves Throughput Speed by 900X

Key results
< 2
seconds for Transactional Email Delivery
95% Increase
email delivery in less than 5 seconds
6x Increase
increase in email volumes
One of Africa’s top 5 leading banks with tens of millions of customers reached connected with us for their transactional emails. They process millions of transactions on a daily basis via their multiple platforms (USSD, POS, Apps). They had been using an internal SMTP setup for their transactional emails and experienced some issues
Transactional Email
Solution Used:
Netcore Email API


  • Latency – Their average email delivery time was about 30 minutes
  • Lack of visibility – Limited access to information about which users unsubscribed, increased their abuse rate
  • Higher bounce rate – With no email delivery tracking, they could not identify emails that bounced and continued to send emails to all users
  • Poor domain reputation as a result of the previous 2 points
  • Delayed account statements – End of month account statements took up to 7 days to deliver to all customers


Netcore’s Strategy

Our team of email experts spent time with the stakeholders of the bank to understand their requirements. Here’s the summary:

We made notes of all of their existing issues, and expectations from our email service. We provided value by setting up a middleware infrastructure to pull up transactional data quickly. We then started with our proprietary warmup techniques to improve the domain reputation to ensure higher deliverability and reduce spam/abuse complaints.


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