Purplle Attained 3x Growth in Revenue & 5x Increase in Audience Reachability in 30 Days

After following the strategies of our Customer Success team, Purplle was able to rapidly scale their email program. They went from sending 5 million emails to 25 million emails per month within 30 days!
Key results
3x Increase
Growth in revenue
5x Increase
Uplift in audience reachability
94% Increase
Overall inbox placement
Founded in 2011, Purplle is an online portal with a large collection of cosmetics, skincare, haircare,and fragrances. It showcases some of the best products from the leading brands in the world.
Email marketing
Solution Used:
Netcore Email

Challenges with their email reach:

  • They had little email history so instantly sending out thousands of emails would damage their sender reputation and cause deliverability issues.
  • Their IPs were not warmed up and had a low reputation with Gmail.
  • Email was not their primary channel of marketing beforehand, thus their email program lacked a cohesive strategy


Netcore’s Strategy

Segmented Approach:

Campaign Calendarization:


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