Product Recommendations

Leverage AI to help customers discover
the most relevant products

Our patented AI algorithms help understand unique customer actions and inactions to predict and highlight products that they're most likely to purchase

Product Recommendations
Increase conversion rates
by 12-18%
Increase add-to-cart rates
by 6-9%
Increase click-through rates
by 30-60%
Understand every customer's purchase intent to unlock greater wallet-share
Personalized recommendations
based on behavioral data
Our AI engine, Raman, analyzes large sets of historical and real-time data to understand what each customer wants. Raman works hand-in-hand with our in-built image recognition engine to learn from the user's search, browsing, and purchase behavior – across devices – to deliver hyper-contextual recommendations at every stage of the customer journey
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Personalized recommendations based on behavioral data
Enrich live recommendations with customer eyeball data
Unlike other platforms, our personalization platform allows you to capture both explicit and implicit customer feedback via clickstream and customer eyeball data, respectively. Signals on products that are "seen-but-not clicked" and "not seen-and-not clicked" funnel back to Raman as it sharpens its reinforced learning capability to improve behavioral predictions by 20%
Enhance product discovery
to increase conversion rates
Don't just show generic bestseller, trending, or new arrival products! Our personalized widgets add greater context to deliver laser-focused recommendations based on each customer's actual tastes and preferences - across their entire website journey
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Delight customers with
a personalized page
Go one step further and allow Raman to curate a virtual store or personalized list - composed of only those products that a specific customer is most likely to view or buy on your platform! Delight your customers with a unique online shopping experience while increasing CTRs by 120-150%
Build personalized journeys
to trigger 1:1 recommendations
Every customer follows a unique path to purchase. Our AI engine can auto-capture key customer events to orchestrate 1:1 journeys across multiple digital touchpoints. Trigger different types of personalized recommendations within these journeys, across diverse channels such as email and app push notifications
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Test, experience and optimize your personalization strategy with Control Group Testing
Seamlessly set up, test, validate, and optimize the effectiveness of the personalized customer experiences you deliver against defined goals. Recalibrate your personalization strategy by measuring the success of your KPIs
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Track, measure, and attribute the results of your personalization strategy
Understand the contribution of each personalization element through our last-click attribution model by tracking the results on our dashboard. Recalibrate your personalization strategy based on the insights and success of your defined KPIs
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Our customers love product recommendations!
Customer-centric companies of every size and industry rely on Netcore
Netcore’s personalization engine led to an ATC increase of 4%-5% on the existing engine of an industry giant. Would recommend others to try them out!
Jacob Dryer
Digital Marketing Manager
Miss Amara
India's top women's fashion e-tailer leveraged Netcore's Personalized Product Recommendation widgets to power higher engagement & conversion
Leading organic products e-tailer uplifts revenues with Netcore's Omnichannel Personalization solution contributing to 18% of Qtrove’s revenues
Leading Vietnam-based e-commerce platform for electronic gadgets uses Netcore's Personalized Product Recommendation widgets to boost conversions & revenues
Vietnam's top online marketplace Thi Truong Si skyrockets lead generation with Netcore's AI-Led Personalization Product Recommendation widgets
Thi Truong Si
Southeast Asia's leading beauty site, Hermo achieves unprecedented uplift in Conversions with Netcore's AI-based Personalization, expands mandate for entire Marketing Cloud
Thi Truong Si

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