Why use AMP for Email
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Why use AMP for Email

Published : July 20, 2022

You may have heard of AMP for email, which allows users to interact with your brand right within the email.

AMP emails allow you to send rich, interactive emails that avoid landing pages and click-throughs. They provide a safe, secure, and hyper-personal experience within the email, which can improve brand engagement.


Currently, AMP supporting email clients are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, mail.ru, and FairEmail.

AMP supporting email clients


Why Brands should use AMP for emails?
How to set up a fallback option for AMP HTML emails?
How to get started with AMP for email?
How to create and send AMP emails with Netcore Cloud?

Why Brands should use AMP for emails?

Naturally, this may make you wonder if you should try AMP for email too. Let’s look at why brands should use AMP for email.

  • Send rich, interactive emails 
  • Avoid landing pages and click throughs
  • Provide a safe, secure experience
  • Deliver hyper-personal emails
  • Improve brand engagement

Send rich, interactive emails

Unlike regular emails, users can fill out forms; browse through product cards and carousels, book appointments, and interact in other ways within the email. 

These AMP email examples and use cases are highly engaging for users.

carousel amp email

No landing page, no click-throughs

Users need to make fewer clicks with AMP emails to engage with a brand. They can fill out questionnaires, give ratings and feedback, and even sign up for personalized offers without leaving the email. 

feedback amp email

Such a seamless experience can deliver higher ROIs for your email marketing campaigns.

Provide a safe, secure experience

In regular emails, users are directed to a website that can potentially contain third-party features, ad components, and even trackers. Such features can cause privacy concerns and security issues. 

With AMP emails, however, all interactions are within the email, limiting the usage of any third-party features.

Deliver hyper-personal emails

AMP for email allows you to add dynamic content that updates in real-time. 

Users can view personalized offers, check for eligibility, and apply without leaving their inbox. Brands can also add a live countdown to improve engagements.

dynamically updated amp email

Improve brand engagement

With AMP emails, users can quickly update their subscription preferences and give instant feedback. Brands can also offer compelling experiences using games and quizzes. 

Such efforts can help improve engagement levels for the brand.


Set up a fallback option

Every AMP email you send can and should have a fallback HTML version. This can cater to email clients that do not support AMP capabilities. 

Your campaigns can address all your customers without worrying about AMP support.

survey amp email

How to get started with AMP for email?

Step 1: Whitelist your domain and register with email clients for AMP.

Step 2: Create AMP emails with interactive features of your choice.

Step 3: Create a fallback HTML email for unsupported email clients.

Step 4: Build segments to target the right audience.

Step 5: Test and send.

how to create and send amp email

AMP for email with Netcore Cloud

At Netcore, customer success is crucial. We work closely with brands to develop campaigns that deliver strong ROIs for all our products, including AMP for email.

We can help you:

  • Set up and integrate AMP capabilities
  • Build AMP, fallback HTML emails
  • Form powerful customer journeys
  • Identify and execute different use-cases
  • Optimize campaigns for better results

Netcore Cloud’s AMP-powered email campaign can uplift your email program and boost your ROI. Our email wizards can help you assess, analyze, strategize, and achieve email marketing goals. Connect with us to understand how you can benefit from our expertise and experience – we send over 17 billion monthly emails to businesses across 18 countries.

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Written By: Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan
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