Enhance User Retention: Best In-App Engagement Platform
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Enhance User Retention: Best In-App Engagement Platform

Published : August 11, 2023
In-app engagement platforms - Netcore cloud

In-app engagement platforms, you ask?

Well, let’s break it down for you. Just like how ChatGPT has been trained on countless data sources, these platforms harness the power of real-time user interactions, personalization, and nifty plugins to keep app users hooked and active.

Think of them as the behind-the-scenes maestros orchestrating a user’s journey, making every touchpoint count. In the end, they’re responsible for creating memorable in-app experiences with your audience.

Did you know that a whopping 72% of consumers only vibe with personalized messages?

Yep, gone are the days of generic emails. Now, it’s all about maximizing your message’s impact.

And guess what?

Mobile customer engagement platform are here to help. But what if we spice it up a bit and call it the “in-app engagement platform”? Sounds cool, right?

What’s an in-app engagement platform? 🤔

Ever wondered how to keep your app users engaged and coming back for more?

Enter the world of in-app mobile engagement platforms! Think of it as your Mobile CRM’s cooler cousin. It’s all about reaching your users wherever they might be, whether they’re chilling on their couch or on the move.

Now, a top-notch in-app engagement platform – like Netcore – doesn’t just stop at sending messages. It seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, making it a breeze for you and your squad to craft messages that not only sound good but also convert.

In-app user engagement - Netcore cloud

They come with an array of features.

Want to test which message works best? Dive into A/B testing. It’s like having a crystal ball that tells you which messaging strand is pure gold.

And the data? Presented in a way that’s as clear as a summer’s day, helping you make those all-important decisions.

And for the cherry on top? Some of these in-app engagement platforms are so futuristic; they use AI and machine learning to give you insights.

It’s like having a digital Sherlock Holmes deducing conclusions for you.

Why should you care about in-app engagement platforms?

An in-app engagement platform serves as a bridge between businesses and their users, ensuring consistent and meaningful interactions. It’s not just about sending notifications; it’s about creating a personalized and seamless experience that resonates with users.

Here’s why incorporating an in-app engagement platform is a game-changer:

1. Boost Engagement and Retention

  • Consistent Communication
  • With features like in-app messaging and push notifications , you can maintain a regular dialogue with your users. It’s not about bombarding them with information but about timely reminders, updates, and news that they would find valuable.

  • Diverse Outreach Channels
  • Whether it’s through email campaigns, in-app pop-ups, or even SMS , having multiple channels to reach out means you can connect with users based on their preferences and habits.

  • Encourage Return Visits
  • By offering fresh content, updates, or rewards, you give users a reason to revisit your app, increasing the chances of turning occasional users into loyal ones.

    2. Personalized Touch

  • User-Centric Messaging
  • By analyzing user behavior and preferences, you can tailor messages that resonate with individual users, making them feel seen and understood.

  • Enhanced User Loyalty
  • When users feel a product or service is tailored for them, they’re more likely to stick around. Personalized experiences foster trust and loyalty, reducing the chances of them seeking alternatives.

    3. Elevate the User Experience

  • Relevant Content Delivery
  • It’s not just about having great content but also about presenting it at the right time. By understanding user behavior, you can offer content when they’re most likely to engage with it.

  • Seamless Navigation
  • A platform that understands user preferences can guide them to features and sections of the app they’re most interested in, ensuring they spend more time on the app and find value in it.

    4. Stand Out in the Crowd

  • Unique Value Proposition
  • In a saturated market, offering a personalized and engaging experience can be your unique selling point, setting you apart from competitors.

  • Revenue Growth
  • Engaged users are more likely to make in-app purchases, subscribe to premium features, or engage in other monetizable actions. By enhancing user engagement, you’re also paving the way for increased revenue streams.

    Watch how Unocoin boosted their app conversions by 41%.

    What are the factors to consider when selecting an in-app engagement platform?

    With so many options out there, how do you pick the right one for your needs?

    factors to consider in app user engagement platform

    Let’s cover the key factors you should consider:

    1. How Well Does It Play with Others?

    Integration is key. Your chosen platform should gel seamlessly with your existing tools, ensuring a smooth flow of data.

    2. Can It Give That Personal Touch?

    Users crave personalized experiences. Your platform should be adept at delivering messages tailored to individual user behaviors and preferences.

    3. Will It Grow with You?

    As your mobile app market scales, your platform should too. It’s essential to pick something that can handle your app’s growth and evolving needs.

    4. Is It Easy to Navigate?

    Time is precious. Opt for a platform that’s user-friendly, ensuring your team can get the most out of it without a steep learning curve.

    5. What’s the Word on Analytics?

    Insights drive improvement. A top-tier platform should offer robust analytics and reporting to help refine your engagement strategies.

    6. Does It Fit the Budget?

    While quality is crucial, it’s essential to find a platform that offers value for money and aligns with your budget.

    7. Got Backup? Checking Support and Community.

    Everyone needs a little help sometimes. A responsive support team and an active community can be game-changers when you have questions or face issues.

    8. Is It Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges?

    The tech landscape is ever-evolving. Ensure your platform is not just relevant for today but is also gearing up for future advancements.

    Real time journey - In-app engagement - Netcore Cloud

    Top 6 In-App Engagement Platforms

    1. Netcore Cloud

    Netcore in-app engagement platform

    Netcore is not just another tool; it’s like having a dedicated team ensuring your app users are always connected, informed, and satisfied. This platform isn’t just about sending notifications; it’s a holistic solution designed to foster genuine connections with users. Whether you’re aiming to boost user retention, enhance user experience, or simply stand out in a crowded app marketplace, Netcore’s tool is geared to help you achieve those goals.

    Features That Make Netcore Shine:

    • Personalized Messaging

    Dive deep into user behavior and preferences to craft messages that resonate. It’s all about making your users feel seen and understood.

    • Robust Analytics

    Data is the new gold, right? Netcore’s platform offers real-time insights into customer data, helping you refine strategies and understand what truly clicks with your audience.

    • Seamless Integrations

    Got other tools in your arsenal? No worries! Netcore plays well with others, ensuring a smooth flow of data across your tech stack.

    • AI-Powered Insights

    The future is here! With AI-driven recommendations, you’re always one step ahead, ensuring your engagement strategies are top-tier.

    • User-Friendly Interface

    Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, Netcore’s intuitive design ensures you get the most out of the platform without scratching your head.

    G2 Rating – 4.5/5


    Netcore offers a range of pricing options to fit different needs. Whether you’re a startup looking for value or an enterprise seeking premium features, there’s a plan tailored just for you. Talk to our experts to get a quote.

    2. Braze

    Braze customer engagement platform - in app engagement platform

    It’s a powerhouse designed to create memorable and impactful user experiences. With Braze, you’re not just reaching out to your users; you’re building lasting relationships, ensuring they stay engaged and connected with your app.

    Features That Set Braze Apart:

    • Dynamic Personalization

    Braze understands the importance of making users feel special. Dive into user behavior and preferences to craft messages that truly resonate and engage customers, ensuring each interaction feels tailor-made.

    • Real-Time Data & Analytics

    In the digital age, data drives decisions. Braze offers real-time insights, a mobile analytics dashboard helping you refine strategies on-the-fly and understand what truly engages your audience.

    • Seamless Integrations

    Got a diverse tech stack? No problem! Braze’s in-app engagement platform integrates smoothly with other tools, ensuring a cohesive flow of data and operations.

    • Multichannel Messaging

    Reach out to your users wherever they are. Whether it’s in-app messages, emails , or push notifications, Braze ensures your message gets through.

    • User Journey Building

    Craft unique user journeys that guide your users through the app, enhancing their customer experience, and ensuring they discover all the value you have to offer.

    G2 Rating – 4.5/5


    Braze offers a variety of pricing tiers to cater to different needs. Whether you’re a budding startup or a large enterprise, Braze has a plan tailored to offer you maximum value. It’s always a good idea to reach out to their sales team for the most up-to-date pricing details and to find a plan that fits your specific requirements.

    3. Airship

    Airship - User engagement platform - Netcore

    Airship, as its name might suggest, is all about elevating your user engagement game. As a leading in-app engagement platform, Airship is designed to not just connect with users but to captivate them. It’s not about bombarding users with notifications; it’s about delivering timely, relevant, and impactful interactions that keep users coming back for more.

    Features That Make Airship Soar:

    • Personalized Messaging

    Airship knows one size doesn’t fit all. By tapping into user behavior and preferences, it crafts messages that feel like they’re written just for the individual, enhancing user connection and loyalty.

    • Real-Time Automation

    In the fast-paced world of apps, timing is everything. Airship’s platform offers real-time marketing automation, ensuring your messages hit the mark when they’re most likely to resonate.

    • Seamless Integration

    Got other tools in your toolkit? Airship’s in-app and user engagement tools platform ensures they all work in harmony, allowing for a smooth flow of data and operations.

    • Multichannel Approach

    Whether it’s in-app messages, SMS, or even web notifications, Airship ensures your message is delivered through the most effective channel for each user.

    • Data-Driven Insights

    Knowledge is power. With robust analytics, Airship provides insights into what’s working and what’s not, allowing for continuous marketing strategy refinement.

    G2 Rating – 3.8/5

    Pricing Details:

    Airship offers a range of pricing options to cater to diverse needs. From startups to established enterprises, there’s a plan tailored for every scale and budget. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details, it’s best to reach out directly to Airship’s team.

    4. Iterable

    Iterable user centric experiences - Netcore

    Designed with a focus on user-centric experiences, Iterable is not just about sending out messages; it’s about creating meaningful, personalized interactions that resonate with each user, ensuring they stay engaged and connected with your mobile app.

    Features That Set Iterable Apart:

    • Dynamic Personalization

    Iterable understands the power of personal touch. By leveraging user data and behavior, it crafts messages that feel tailor-made for each individual, enhancing the overall user experience.

    • Omni-Channel Marketing

    Why limit yourself to one channel? Iterable’s platform ensures your messages reach users across various channels, be it in-app messages, emails, SMS, or even push notifications, maximizing engagement opportunities.

    • User Segmentation

    Not all users are the same. Iterable’s in-app engagement platform allows for detailed user segmentation, ensuring that your messages are targeted and relevant.

    • A/B Testing & Analytics

    Knowledge drives improvement. With Iterable’s robust A/B testing and analytics features, you can continuously refine your engagement strategies based on real-time feedback and insights.

    • Workflow Automation

    Efficiency is key. Iterable offers workflow automation, ensuring that your engagement campaigns run smoothly and effectively without constant manual intervention.

    G2 Rating – 4.5/5


    Iterable offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different needs and scales. Whether you’re a budding startup or a large-scale enterprise, Iterable has a plan tailored to offer you maximum value. For the most detailed and current pricing information, it’s recommended to reach out directly to Iterable’s team.

    5. Pushwoosh

    Pushwoosh in app engagement platform - Netcore

    Pushwoosh has made quite a name for itself in the in-app engagement platform arena. It’s not just another tool to send out messages; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to create impactful, personalized interactions that resonate with users. With Pushwoosh, the goal is clear: keep users engaged, informed, and coming back for more.

    Features That Make Pushwoosh Shine:

    • Personalized Messaging

    Pushwoosh knows the magic of a personal touch. By tapping into user behavior and preferences, it crafts messages that feel like they’re written just for the individual, enhancing user connection and loyalty.

    • Omni-Channel Delivery

    Why be limited to one channel? Pushwoosh ensures your messages reach users wherever they are, be it in-app messages, emails, push notifications, or even web pop-ups, maximizing your engagement reach.

    • Advanced Segmentation

    Different strokes for different folks. Pushwoosh’s in-app engagement platform allows for detailed user segmentation, ensuring that your messages hit the mark every time.

    • Real-Time Analytics

    In the world of mobile apps, insights are gold. With Pushwoosh’s robust analytics, you can get a real-time pulse on what’s working and what needs tweaking, allowing for continuous strategy refinement.

    • Automated Campaigns

    Efficiency is the name of the game. Pushwoosh offers automated campaigns, ensuring your customer engagement tools and strategies are always on point without the constant need for manual oversight.

    G2 Rating – 4.3/5


    Pushwoosh offers a range of pricing options to cater to diverse needs. From budget-friendly plans for startups to comprehensive packages for large enterprises, there’s something for everyone. For the most detailed and up-to-date pricing insights, it’s best to reach out directly to the Pushwoosh team.

    6. OneSignal

    OneSignal in app engagement platform

    OneSignal has rapidly emerged as a go-to in the in-app engagement platform landscape. It’s not just about pinging users with notifications; OneSignal is a holistic solution aimed at curating meaningful, tailored interactions that resonate with each user. With OneSignal, the mission is to ensure users are not just engaged but also deeply connected to your mobile app engagement too.

    Features That Define OneSignal:

    • Tailored Messaging

    OneSignal recognizes the power of individualized touchpoints. By harnessing user data and behavior, it delivers messages that feel uniquely crafted for each user, fostering a deeper connection.

    • Multi-Platform Support

    Why limit yourself? OneSignal ensures your messages find users across platforms, be it in-app messages, web push notifications , emails, or even SMS, broadening your customer engagement horizons.

    • Rich Segmentation

    OneSignal’s in-app engagement platform offers detailed user segmentation. This ensures that your messages are not just targeted but also incredibly relevant, hitting the sweet spot every time.

    • Real-Time Insights

    Knowledge is the key to refinement customer success. With OneSignal’s robust analytics, you’re always in the know about what’s resonating and what needs a rethink, allowing for agile strategy adjustments.

    • Automated Workflows

    Streamline and optimize. OneSignal provides automated workflows, ensuring your engagement campaigns run like a well-oiled machine, maximizing impact with minimal manual intervention.

    G2 Rating – 4.6/5


    OneSignal offers a spectrum of pricing plans to cater to a variety of needs. Whether you’re a startup on a shoestring budget or a large enterprise looking for a comprehensive suite, OneSignal has got you covered. For the most accurate and current pricing details, it’s always a good idea to reach out directly to the OneSignal team.


    In the dynamic world of mobile apps, keeping users engaged is paramount.

    The right in-app engagement platform can make all the difference, turning casual users into loyal advocates. While there are numerous platforms out there, the best ones offer a blend of personalization, robust analytics, and seamless integration capabilities.

    If you’re looking for a platform that ticks all these boxes and more, Netcore Cloud stands out as a top contender.

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