Decoding AI-led Marketing: 3 (Simple) Steps to Boost Revenues this Holiday Season!
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Decoding AI-led Marketing: 3 (Simple) Steps to Boost Revenues this Holiday Season!

Published : December 15, 2020 | Updated : May 20, 2024

The holiday shopping season is here and, with AI-led marketing, the customer engagement steam has picked up.

After an unexpected year of events, most brands are looking to capitalize on the merriment of the season. This is where planning early and prioritizing online efforts to improve customer engagement comes into play.

To compete during one of the busiest and most unprecedented seasons yet, you need to create meaningful connections with customers, offer personalized omnichannel experiences, and provide holiday shoppers with added conveniences and peace of mind.

A recent study by Forrester found that 77% of marketers believe that AI is essential for delivering personalized customer experiences.

It’s important to create that competitive advantage, strike the right chord with your customers, create brand loyalty…and all of this while being data-driven and ROI-focused. 

Brands are facing new challenges and many unknowns:

  • Customer behavior – in terms of digital adoption and shopping patterns – has wildly shifted during the pandemic, and expectations from brands have increased.
  • The e-commerce industry experienced five years of digital transformation in two months due to the global pandemic. This means immersive technology like AI-powered personalization, AI-led product recommendations, etc., are no longer seen as nice-to-haves but rather crucial to facilitating a memorable customer experience at scale.

That’s why, with our AI-led marketing strategies and the reliable AI-Engine, Raman, you can confidently face your challenges effectively and eliminate the unknowns. Be sure to get repeat sales, increased AOV, improved CLTV, increased ROI, effective customer engagement, and sky-rocketing customer retention.

How? We cover these in detail below.

We have a simple 3-step, Raman-driven solution:

1. Identify the right customers to target

Don’t waste your time, energy, and marketing dollars on a generic marketing campaign with little to no smart segmentation!

Consider this:

You’re a Growth Manager at an e-commerce brand. You’ve been charged with increasing your sales by 8-10%, and are looking for a ‘strong finish’ by the end of the year.

What’s your strategy?

  • Do you Identify the products you want to offer deep discounts on?
  • Do you send this generic marketing communication across all channels to your entire customer database?

And, then, hope for the best?

Is this marketing ROI-optimized? 

Will this approach really help you scale your sales and revenues?



All brands are doing the same thing…How are you doing it differently?

Enter Raman with his super-power feature, Predictive Segments!

With this feature, you can easily identify:

  • Customers who are likely to engage with your campaign
  • Customers who are likely to purchase in the next 7 days
  • Customers who are likely to convert through cross-selling campaigns
  • Customers who are likely to go dormant on your mobile app and/or website
  • Mobile app users who are likely to uninstall your app, etc.

It’s quite effortless – you tell Raman the concern you want to address, and he’ll quickly analyze your data to create 3 micro-segments for you: Most Likely, Fairly Likely, and Less Likely, like this:

You can then select the desired customer segment you want to target. As a smart marketer, you know you should be targeting the “most likely/fairly likely” micro-segment.

With AI-led marketing, you can then send targeted personalized marketing campaigns across the right channels or through customer journeys tailor-made to these customers.

It’s a simple correlation: More visibility on the potential actions of your customer base, the greater the probability of you engaging with the most relevant customers – thus, ensuring guaranteed conversions.

See how Thomas Cook India, with the help of Raman’s Predictive Segments increased their email open rates by 4.35X

Once you know who to target, your mind will automatically think about an ROI-focused customer engagement strategy.

That brings us to our 2nd step:

2. Where, When, and How to target these customers

Optimizing your campaigns to drive impactful engagement and conversions with your targeted customers will be your next goal.

What if we told you that, with AI-led marketing, you can further optimize your marketing expenditure and still see skyrocketing conversions?

It’s a dream come true, isn’t it?

Let’s see how Raman can help you with this.

Consider this:

You have identified the customer segment you want to target. But now, you need to identify the right channel to engage with this customer segment. In this era of omnichannel engagement, you can leverage a host of channels such as email, WhatsApp, app push notifications, web push notifications, etc. 

But, even within a customer segment, there are nano-segments of customers that display different behaviors in terms of their interaction with your marketing campaigns across channels. 

For instance:

Let’s say Anne, your target customer, checks only her emails, usually around 11:00 AM. Joe, another target customer, responds only to app push notifications at 6:00 PM. When you have access to this data and these granular insights with you, why not leverage it?

You would send Ann an email at 11:00 AM and Joe an app push notification at 6:00 PM. Isn’t it?

And just like that, you broke past the clutter and captured both their attention on a channel of their preference.

This is what Raman’s amazing Send Time Optimization and Preferred Channel feature can do for you.

A quick sneak peek into how Raman’s Send Time Optimization works:

Once the ‘Where and When’ part is nailed. Let’s see how Raman can help you capture your customer’s attention.

Raman’s Campaign Title Optimization:

Tone and language insights can also drive your communication efforts. If your campaign title can’t convey the relevant appropriateness, your messages will go unopened.

For instance:

Let’s say you want to use a campaign title relevant to the Christmas sale season and deliver it across email and app push notifications.

See for yourself how Raman can help you optimize this campaign title to ensure you grab your customers’ attention and, thus, increase engagement and conversion:

Raman gives you insights on the following:

  • Title score
  • Predictions on the probability of customers clicking
  • Suggestions on high-conversion keywords to further improve your campaign titles

See for yourself a demo of how Raman can help you optimize your campaign title.

With the first 2 steps, incorporating AI-led marketing, you can be sure to run impactful marketing campaigns while uplifting your marketing ROI. 

And, with Raman on your team – never miss out on the golden opportunity to target the right customers, on the right channel, at the right time, and with the right message.

But is this enough, are we done once the marketing campaign is executed?


This brings us to our final step.

3. Track your campaign’s performance in real time

To do this, you need a 360-degree view of your customers. These are individual customer profiles containing all relevant, rich, and real-time data. But in reality, this means: sifting through various data points and dashboards to analyze your customer campaign performance data, and then deriving these insights can be time-consuming and manually painful!

Let’s break down the required insights into 3-simple questions:

  • What happened with my campaign?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What can I do next?

Raman helps you answer all these questions!

He does the data-crunching heavy lifting for you!

Let’s dive a little deeper, this is what he does:

  1. He closely monitors your data 24*7 and observes patterns, trends, and abnormalities. 
  2. When an abnormality – good or bad – is detected, Raman raises a green or a red flag in the form of contextual alerts on the Raman Insights dashboard, even when you are away.

Raman will critically analyze all relevant data points to produce fresh insights every day. You can then decide which insight you want to act on to optimize your campaigns further.

He will track metrics like:

  • Overall Revenue
  • Average Revenue Per Paying User
  • Daily Active Users
  • App Uninstalls
  • Monthly Active Users

Not just that, you can also tell Raman to track custom activities and funnel conversion events that are relevant to your business. Based on your KPIs, let Raman know what you need insights on, and for the duration you need it and leave the rest to him!

  1. He gives you the “why” behind every insight so that you can act on the root cause.

For instance: 

Let’s say your revenue dropped, see what Raman does:

  • Let’s say the special campaign that you ran for Christmas, and the CTRs from email or website conversions could have affected your revenue – positively or negatively. He’ll tell you that!

  • Your app downloads or uninstalls, web message views, daily active users, click rate of your app push notifications, etc., could affect your revenue positively or negatively. He’ll shortlist the most plausible reasons for the change in revenue.

  • He’ll go one step further and point out the campaign on a particular channel that contributed positively or negatively to your revenue.

Based on the above insights, Raman will suggest corrective actions to reverse a negative trend or how you can double down on a positive trend. In short: Raman tells you what to do next.

For instance:

While you are on the dashboard, Raman will remind you to optimize your email subject lines to get higher conversions, remind you to re-engage with customers who are ‘most likely to churn,’ or nudge you and ensure you use the right channel and choose the right time to communicate with your customers 1:1.

As a marketer, you shouldn’t spend most of your time grappling with data. You need to focus on creating more bandwidth to craft, strategize, and execute powerful omnichannel marketing campaigns. You need to identify how you can deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Consistently and at an optimum cost.

And, with AI-led marketing by your side – you get to do just that!

Allow Raman’s power-packed features and capabilities to fuel your marketing strategy and increase marketing efficiency by helping you:

  • Identify the right target customers.
  • Targeting those customers at the right time, with the right message, and across relevant, personalized touchpoints to capture their attention will become seamless.

And most importantly,

Analyzing your campaigns to identify what went wrong/right and why becomes less time-consuming, and data-backed insights are more impactful to act on.

Are you ready to embrace a stress-free holiday sales season and adopt an AI-led marketing strategy approach?

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