Raman’s Customer Engagement Module: Let AI Add More Firepower to Your Marketing Automation Strategy!
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Raman’s Customer Engagement Module: Let AI Add More Firepower to Your Marketing Automation Strategy!

Published : November 3, 2020
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As a digital marketer, you are constantly looking for ways to optimize your campaigns to drive impactful engagement and conversions with your customers. 

We understand that you are constantly doing your best to answer 3 critical questions: 

  • On which channel should I communicate with my customers?
  • When is the best time to send a marketing campaign on the most effective channel?
  • Will my subject line and campaign messaging capture my customers’ attention and nudge them into taking action?

How do you find these answers?

Search engines? Gut instinct? Data-driven testing and experimentation?

These are all basic levels of engagement strategy with your customers that can improve your CTRs and open rates. But, is this enough to gain a competitive advantage? No!

Personalized engagement, where each customer receives their communication from your brand at a time when they’re most engaged or likely to respond or take action, with an impactful subject line and on the channel of their preference, is key to campaign success.

Is this enough though? 

Think about it, it’s a simple fundamental concept: When you give customers what they want, you deepen your engagement with them because you’re meeting their expectations (or even going above and beyond them at times!). 

Engaged customers are customers who buy – and then come back to buy again as engagement leads to loyalty. And, all of this can be achieved through the power of AI-driven multi-channel marketing automation.

Sit back and let our AI engine, Raman, handle this for you while you use your time to weave the most creative strategies to ensure true market dominance and unlock greater ROI.

How can Raman help you improve customer engagement and eventual conversions?

  1. Raman helps you improve your campaign open and click rates

Mothercare Indonesia, a leading retailer uses Raman’s Send Time Optimization (STO) feature to ensure they send contextual email campaigns when their customers are most likely to read them. 

With inboxes being inundated with emails from various brands, Raman’s STO capability increases your open rates and click rates, ensuring your communication doesn’t get lost in your customer’s inbox. 

Mothercare Indonesia worked closely with Raman on their team and identified the ideal time to deploy email as a channel of marketing engagement mapped to each customer. This helped them increase their email click rates by 3X and email open rates by 1.5X. This was their first step in creating an impactful personalized customer experience.

With the ever-increasing adoption of smartphones, we, at Netcore, recognize the need for brands to send impactful app push notifications to their customers. With Raman’s STO feature now extended to delivery and of impactful mobile marketing campaigns over app push notifications as well. 

With Raman, by your side:

Beat competition, break past the clutter of impersonal marketing communication, save time, and improve engagement!

Every campaign you initiate has an associated time, effort, or monetary cost. Raman helps you identify a probable opener vs. a complacent or non-engaged customer. With this insight, the campaigns you send over email or app push notifications can be sent out strategically – sending it to probable openers first. This decreases the chances of it getting marked as spam and vastly improves visibility by ensuring delivery in the primary email inboxes of your customers.

Once inboxing is a given, sending the communication to probable openers at their preferred time will help you increase the probability of conversion as your communication lands on top of your customers’ email inbox or smartphone.

Take a sneak peek into how Raman’s STO can help you:

Raman’s Send-Time Optimization
  1. Raman helps you grab your customers’ attention through high conversion campaign subject lines

Tone and language insights can also drive your communication efforts. If your subject line can’t convey the relevant appropriateness, your emails will go unopened. 

With Netcore’s Subject Line Optimization (SLO) feature:

  • Raman analyzes and scores your campaign subject lines: This helps you compare different subject lines and decide which of them can tentatively perform better
  • Raman taps into human psychology to identify high-conversion keywords that convert: Your customers are likely to be intrigued when they see strong keywords like “Hurry”, “Alert”, “Free”, etc. Raman gives you a sentiment analysis of your subject line – positive or negative. Both of which might invoke emotions of curiosity or FOMO, depending upon the mental make-up of different customer segments
  • Raman evaluates the propensity of the email campaign landing in your customers’ primary inbox: This is based on which keywords he suggests or you initially planned to embed, Raman highlights if the campaign has a “High” or “Low” primary inboxing probability. With Raman, be sure of a higher reach, higher open rate, and eventually higher conversion
  • Raman gives you data-backed insights on WHY his suggestion will work: Based on a similarity score, Raman will show you the top 5 best and worst-performing subject lines. He evaluates this based on open rates and spam scores. With these actionable insights, you can easily compare your current subject line and gauge its probable performance.

For instance: 

Let’s assume you’re an e-commerce platform looking to leverage the festival/holiday season this Diwali and you want to use the campaign subject line “Diwali offers are here!”.

See for yourself how Raman can help you optimize this subject line to ensure you grab your customers’ attention and thus, increase engagement and conversion.

Raman's subject line optimization

We believe that marketers need to be empathetic. And, empathy begins by better understanding your customers, their expectations, and diverse behavior. 

But, with multiple data-points to look at, analyzing each individual persona and then weaving a strategy can be tedious and time-consuming. And, that’s precisely where Raman comes in to lend his expertise!

See for yourself a demo on how Raman can help you optimize your subject line.

  1. Raman enables you to reduce customer acquisition and activation costs while increasing retention

We don’t believe in seeing customers as just numbers, they are individuals with unique preferences. Each customer prefers receiving marketing communication on one channel over the others. So, you need to invest your resources wisely and reduce your customer acquisition costs.

With Raman, by your side you can now:

  • Identify the engagement channel that your customer prefers to interact on: Raman analyzes your customer’s historical responses & interactions with your marketing campaigns. He then guides you to effortlessly choose the right channel of engagement on which different customer segments are most active on
  • Personalized customer engagement: When you know the preferred time, powered by high-converting optimized subject lines and the preferred channel of your customers; crafting 1:1 customer journeys for effective engagement that wins becomes easy, giving you time to concentrate on making better strategic decisions
Personalized customer engagement

What’s in it for you?

  • Create personalized customer experiences and do it at scale! 

As a smart marketer, you already know that personalizing your campaign messages for your customers – using names, personalized content, product or content recommendations, and context depending upon their customer journey – are all hallmark best practices to capture your customers’ attention. 

Now, with Raman’s engagement module, you can add hyper-contextual relevance to the portfolio, allowing you to better craft your messaging and expand reach and engagement.

  • Save time and reallocate your resources towards strategizing 

Raman’s engagement module dramatically simplifies the task of creating personalized marketing campaigns and customer experiences. 

No longer do you have to worry about questions like: “On which channel should I communicate with my customers?”, “When are the best time to send a marketing campaign on the most effective channel?”, and “Will my subject line and campaign messaging capture my customers’ attention and nudge them into taking action?” for the majority of your customers. 

Raman takes out the guesswork and a lot of manual heavy-lifting.

  • Skyrocket customer engagement across channels, not just on email

Mailbox providers like Outlook and Gmail are constantly monitoring how your customers interact with your email campaigns to determine primary inbox placement. 

Your customers are constantly flooded by several app push notifications from various brands on a daily basis. And, there’s a high probability that they might click “Clear all” on the notification bar at the end of the day. 

Capturing your customers’ attention becomes a game-changer, thus making Raman’s engagement module a major cog in your marketing endeavors. 

Bank on AI-driven personalized customer engagement to boost conversions and drive skyrocketing customer retention. 

Talk to Raman today and see for yourself how he can help you boost your multi-channel customer engagement and marketing ROI. For basic marketing automation will take you that far, AI-driven marketing automation can unlock new waves of revenue growth and customer retention!

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