Customer Engagement Strategies for the Rest of 2020!

Customer Engagement Strategies for the Rest of 2020!

About this Webinar

With 41% of an e-commerce platform’s revenue is generated by only 8% of
its repeat customers*.
Why burn those precious marketing dollars on customer acquisition
during the new normal – especially when “retention is the new
acquisition”. Engaging with existing customers, web visitors, and app
users is critical to business regrowth in the long run.

We’ve consulted thousands of brands over the last 3 months. And, have
identified actionable customer engagement strategies that can help you
unlock higher CLTV.

Key takeaways
Realign your growth prospects by addressing key-pain points on
How to optimize the purchase decision-making process of a customer?
How to make a one-time buyer come back to make repeat purchases?
How to engage with the top customers that generate 75%+ your revenue?
How AI & ML plays an important role in the customer engagement universe?
How innovative engagement technologies can be used to drive customer engagement?
The evolution of marketing budgets in terms of spends on martech
Speaker & Panelist
Alexander Leonidas
Chief Growth Officer & Business Head
Alexander is Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist, carries extensive knowledge in the MARTECH & Mobile Marketing space.
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