Integrated App Solution – Add Nudges to Customer Engagement Touchpoints
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Dhruv Pandya
Dhruv Pandya

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Integrated App Solution – Add Nudges to Customer Engagement Touchpoints

Published : August 14, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement, B2C companies constantly seek innovative ways to connect with their audiences. Marketing automation, through email, SMS, WhatsApp, and push notifications, effectively engage customers outside the app. So you can count on them. But what about boosting engagement within the app?

Enter “Nudges” – a groundbreaking new weapon in your arsenal for winning customer engagement. Nudges are designed to take your mobile user interactions to new heights.

The Power of “Nudges”

Imagine having a special app your customers love using, and you’ve been successfully engaging them through various channels like emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and push notifications. Now, with the addition of “Nudges,” your customer engagement journey is more engaging and impactful than ever before.

So, what are “Nudges?” Think of them as friendly taps on your customers’ shoulders when they’re using the app. These visual cues help guide customers towards specific actions, just like a helpful assistant. With “Nudges” on your side, you can effectively direct your users within the app, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Bridge the Gap – Engagement Inside and Outside the App

We all know how crucial it is to engage customers outside the app, but sometimes the real magic happens when you bring them into the app. “Nudges” act as the bridge. They continue to enhance engagement – this time, within the app environment.

Whether your customers arrive via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or push notifications, “Nudges” can seamlessly integrate with your customer engagement Platform. After bringing users to the app, you can use Nudges to direct them with clear Call-to-actions – you can significantly improve conversions and overall user experience.

Engagement Inside and Outside the App

The Versatility of “Nudges”

One of the most exciting aspects of “Nudge” is its versatility. No matter which channel you use to communicate with your audience, “Nudges” can complement and enhance your messaging strategy. This adaptability provides a consistent and effective user experience across all touchpoints.

For instance, let’s say you have a shopping app, and you send your customers a special deal through an email. With “Nudges,” once they open the app, a visual cue will appear, showcasing the exact deal they received in the email. This continuity reinforces the offer, and makes it more likely for users to take action.

The Versatility of Nudges

Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Include “Nudges” in your customer engagement arsenal. Get empowered to take your strategy to new heights.Engage users within the app environment. Drive deeper connections and lasting impressions.

From onboarding new users to guiding existing customers towards exciting offers or new features, “Nudges” offer endless possibilities. Their no-code implementation makes them accessible to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to focus on creating a tailored experience for your audience. After all, you know your audience best.

Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategy


With “Nudges”, the age of customer engagement enters a whole new era. B2C companies can now harness the power of marketing automation through email, SMS, WhatsApp, and push notifications, while seamlessly integrating “Nudges” to elevate all engagement efforts within the app.

Bring users closer to desired actions. Enhance their experience. Use “Nudges” to empower your businesses to drive conversions, loyalty, and sustainable growth. With this revolutionary feature at your disposal, it’s time to embark on a journey toward customer engagement excellence.

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